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Found 2 results

  1. I recently posted about numerous accounts on my credit reports that didn't belong to me, and was given advice to contact a lawyer. I did contact an attorney, and he suggested that my case could end up in federal court. Unfortunately, that is not an ideal solution for me at this time, due to an urgent custody matter that I need to pursue, which can be very time consuming, and get very ugly at that. I have had a higher success rate with getting accounts deleted than I expected, but I'm left with a few that need further action. I am using DV method with CA's, and hope to eliminate the remaining accounts using this method, except for 1. I just need advice/options for this specific creditor, as there is at least one violation on their part with 'verifying' to credit bureaus. Here are the facts: I disputed with TU in 2014, resulting in deletion of account. I assumed the other bureaus would also delete after TU did, but I wasn't quite as educated on this stuff then, and was wrong. Checked my EQ and Ex reports recently, and this account was on both, but the specifics of the account were not consistent between the 2 CRA's (payment history, date of 1st delinquency, date opened). So I disputed with the 2 bureaus as not mine, and it isn't, providing them with the proof that TU deleted 2 years ago. Of course they validated with both EQ and EX, details changed on EQ for account, but they are still inconsistent. It's almost like someone is playing a guessing game. Here is what the account looked like before dispute with bureaus, which show different payment history for each. And here is what the account looks like after dispute with each bureau, and now EQ is showing no payments made (they showed 6 payments made prior to dispute), 1st delinquency 12/11, but EX shows payments from 11/11 - 2/12. Equifax Experian What are my options for going after them for violation, without dragging out a lawsuit? This account is killing my credit, because it's putting my utilization at 118%, which is 30% of a score. I have been denied credit as a result. My TU score is 718, because this account is not on TU, but EX and EQ are 580-590. I used score simulator, took utilization down to 0-10% and my score went up 50 points on EX, 65 on EQ. I called recon line for Barclaycard after I applied because I noticed they pulled EX (thought they would pull only TU), and they asked about this specific account, then told me to call them back once the account is resolved. That account was the reason for denial, according to the rep I spoke with. Is arbitration an option in resolving this, or small claims suit? Is it true that I would have to file in the county/state they are located in? Thank you for taking time to read this, and I appreciate any comments, feedback, or advice regarding this matter.
  2. I have filed disputes with all 3 CRA's, but they are coming back with different results for the same accounts. Some of the accounts are with same CA, yet the credit bureaus are saying validated for some, couldn't validate for others. The same ones that couldn't be validated with one bureau, are validated with another. So I'm wondering, how does this happen? They were all disputed as "not mine", because they are not mine. The same collection agency is validating some of the accounts with a bureau , not validating others with same bureau, and vice versa. So basically, it looks like the same CA is randomly validating different accounts with each bureau, and randomly not validating with each bureau. This make absolutely no sense, but then again, maybe the law allows this. It just seems like a game that is used to cause mass confusion. Then there is the issue of a credit/revolving account disputed with all 3 CRA's. TU deletes the account over 2 years ago, which I thought they had to notify the other 2 CRA's to delete, but I shouldn't have thought. So I have now disputed the account with EX and EQ. EX results were "validated" with no change. EX is still investigating, but after dispute was filed, I noticed they made changes to this account. They changed payments made on time and date of 1st delinquency. If the changes were a result of "validation", and there are no other changes on this account, it will be conflicting with info EX has for the account, and had conflicted prior to disputes. Experian is showing payments made on time from 11/11 - 2/12. Account open 11/1/2011. Equifax shows no payments on account, 1st delinquency is 12/11. Account open 11/9/2011. This account does not belong on my credit, and TU deleted 2 years ago, and I included the TU investigation summary with disputes for EQ and EX. Also, I disputed 21 accounts with Ex, and it took 4 days to investigate them all? Quite a few of the accounts were deleted, but the accounts they "validated", were the exact accounts that TU had deleted (they had a copy of TU results showing deletion). Coincidence? Out of 21 accounts disputed with EX, 6 remain as a result. 4 of the 6 were deleted by TU due to no validation. Sorry if this is all confusing, but I am quite confused myself. I don't know if /what rights under the FCRA have been violated. It almost seems like a game they play to discourage people from making them do their job. Also, because I am still in the 30 - 60 day window, should I send all 3 opt-out of arbitration letters? I found info on Equifax for this, but nothing for TU and EX. Thank you in advance for any input. Your time and knowledge I s greatly appreciated!
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