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Found 2 results

  1. I am being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates for 1,893.00 for a Dell Account. This account was created according their complaint. I do not have a copy of the credit card agreement and they do not have a copy of the credit card agreement which they admitted in Discovery. I do not have a lawyer and feel like I am getting in over my head. They filed a complaint, I responded. I filed for discovery and they responded. They sent me discovery and I responded. I filed with the court that I am requesting arbitration but have not filed with JAMS yet which is making me panic because I filed my request about a week and a half ago. I need help filling out the dispute part on the JAMS arbitration form. Does it have to be a detailed report or just a few reasons why I dispute the debt? PRA admitted that they do not have a contract but they do have statements of the account starting with a zero balance, assignments from Dell to PRA and 3 affidavits. It looks as though from the statements that there was only one payment on the account. This account would have been created by phone if I rememeber correctly. I cannot find any emails pertaining to this debt or statements or final demand letter. I even went through my phone records and couldnt even find where they had tried to contact me. On top of this they filed for MTS and I have to respond by Monday. In my dispute to JAMS can I even put that no one has a contract? Can I contest their affadavits?
  2. Hello, I've been back and forth on this forum reading threads from BerryGin and I believe Hockeyguy (I know that's not totally correct) regarding their lawsuit with Portfolio Recoveries. I had a credit card with World Financial Network Bank/Comenity Bank/ New York & Company which was charged off but then purchased by PRA. I was served late Saturday night on May 13th. I haven't submitted my letters to the magistrate court as of yet because I am unsure of what to write and the proper format. I intend on fighting this lawsuit regarding these charges but wanted some insight as I haven't seen any post related to Cobb County. I also had a question regarding their "validation of the debt". Prior to being served I was working with a group called Lexington Law to clean up my credit and help me remove items from my credit report. Lexington Law reached out to PRA asking them to validate the "debt" I had with them. I've attached what was sent back as well as what was including in the packet when I was served. Will the information from Lexington Law benefit me with this lawsuit? Please Help! Thank you, South Carolina Girl EXHIBIT B from packet.pdf PRA Letter.pdf