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Found 2 results

  1. I've always wondered this, but which credit card agreement applies on a debt collection? Is it always the most current, or when the account was opened, or when the account was defaulted? If I do an MTC arbitration, does this agreement attached indicate that I have to pay the filing fee? In the best buy cc agreement attached, it says this in the PAYMENT section. We will pay your share of the arbitration fee for an arbitration of claims of $75,000 or less if they are unrelated to debt collection. Otherwise, arbitration fees will be allocated according to the applicable AAA rules. And it looks like I'm only allowed to arbitrate with AAA. Does that mean I'll have to pay the fees to file since this is related to debt collection? I'm just wondering if the Best Buy credit card is something I should pursue arbitration with against PRA. My_Best_Buy_Credit_Card_Agreement.pdf
  2. A little confused on a situation... Served by Greene and Cooper representing Midland Funding (for OC Synchrony Bank - Discount Tire). I couldn't find the credit card agreement in the database for exactly Discount Tire, but I did find one similar for Care Credit for Synchrony Bank, and all the Synchrony Bank agreements indicate I have a right to request arbitration. I printed one out to take with me to the court hearing. Attorney was there and basically harassed me to settle and mediate and told the judge I refused to mediate and that I didn't even file for arbitration yet and that she wanted to go to court. Well the magistrate was busy that day so they had to reschedule our hearing. Go back the next week, and she again tells the judge the same thing and I didn't even get a chance to say that I wanted to file a MTC arbitration. When it was our turn to see the judge she just requested a stay because she said the "defendant has yet to file for arbitration", and it was granted without me even getting a chance to even present my MTC for arbitration. So now the hearing has yet again been rescheduled for this week, and my question is this. Do I need to go ahead and file for arbitration through JAMS or something and bring that with me to court? Or do I still wait until I get to actually present my MTC to the judge? The attorney is confusing me by saying that I haven't done anything yet? I'm scared the judge might deny my MTC if I haven't filed for arbitration. Also, how can I get an actual copy of my cc agreement with Discount Tire thru Synchrony Bank? I thought it would have to be in the cc agreement database. Do I have to go through that attorney? Appreciate any help! Thank you!