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Found 1 result

  1. Hello there. To start off with I am in Seattle, WA and this was filed in King County Superior Court. So in the midst of reading through everything on this forum, I like many people are stumped on how to handle the motion I just received and on what I can actually do at this point. History - I received a summons from Suttell & Hammer on behalf of Midland, LLC back in Nov 2012. I admittedly did not respond to the summons because it did not appear real or to be not actually filed, no date stamp, nothing. There was no document filed with the courts until Feb 2013. To which I received nothing until today. Today - May 4 2013 - my girlfriend was served, well she wasnt because she wouldnt accept but the individual just left it on our porch an "Order and Proceedings Supplemental To Execution and Order to Show Cause Pursuant to RCW 50.12.070. In this motion, it states that I have to appear before the courts on May 29th, 2013 and produce all this paperwork (of which I am sure you know of)... bank statements, assets, vehicles, etc. At the end of the motion it states: "The Judgement creditor's attorneys are debt collectors. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. If you fail to appear, the Court may enter an Order for Judicial Subpoena to the Department of Employment Security." Of course the included the questionnarie that I could return with ALL of my personal information - which for the record, I am NOT giving those a*holes any of my personal records. I know I made a mistake not replying to the summons (perhaps, which wasnt from the courts), but at this point that is a mute issue. So here is what I would like to know. Do I have any ability at this point to fight them? Can I make them prove the debt at this point? Can I ask for a continuance - legitimately because I am teach that day and also because I could use some extra time to think? It appears to me that if I sign their little form and give them all the information in the questionnaire, they can just do whatever they want, which I am again, not going to do. However, I am trying to figure out if I have to go to court and what might happen if I do or if I can not appear and if all they will get is the order to the department of employment security? Unlike other people, mine does not read it would be contempt of court. I just says, the Court may enter... Second, my understanding is that if they get the employment record, they can garnish my wages - but wont be able to touch my back accounts. I honestly dont care if they garnish me. If its going to happen, its going to happen. I would prefer no, but at the same time if I can just limit them to that, I am fine with that. It just scares the **** out of me that these a*holes could get their grubby hands on my account info. Which I know is not legit. Also, I do have some assets, limited, but some. Like I own a Harley because my father gifted it to me. I dont want them touching that either. Any thoughts or advice on how to deal with these guys at this point? Thanks, Tylir
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