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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Everyone, Like many, I have been closely following this forum for a long time, soaking in so much empowering and invaluable information. After wringing my hands and banging my head against the figurative wall in agony, I've finally mustered the courage to reach out to you in hopes that you can give me some advice. The JDB I'm dealing with is LVNV, and the law firm representing them is Harris and Zide. The OC is Citibank. I have not been sued yet, but I did receive a dunning letter dated 10/19/18. From the various posts I've read so far, it will be a matter of time before I receive a court summons. The amount is a little less than $2K (OC: Citibank). The strange thing is, LVNV actually owns not one but two of my charged-off Citibank accounts, and the other one is a little less than $10K. I received a collection letter from LVNV on this larger debt back in June of 2018, but it wasn't from a law firm/department, and I have not heard back from them since then. Both debts have the last charged date of Feb. 2015, and the SOL runs out at the end of February 2019 (California). So why is Harris and Zide only sending me a dunning letter on just one of the debts (with smaller amount)? I would like to be proactive and develop a strategy to either make the JDB go away, or at least gain leverage for a smaller settlement. I'm thinking of sending them a Debt Validation letter where I include the wording that I want to opt for arbitration as per Citicard agreement (without admitting ownership of debt); my reasoning is that given the small amount of the debt (less than $2K), LVNV would conclude that the cost of arbitration would override the value of pursuing the debt all the way, which would give me greater leverage to settle on my own terms. I am concerned, however, about the other debt they own which, at close to $10K, might be worthwhile for them to stick through arbitration. Since Harris and Zide has not sent me any letter about this account, should I just stay mum and just focus on the smaller account? What are chances that it's some error or oversight that has caused them to overlook the other account? It's obviously way past the 30 days since I received a collections letter, but should I send a DV letter (again with the arbitration wording)? I'm hoping that given the cost prohibitive nature of arbitration, LVNV would choose instead to be more willing to work out a more amenable settlement arrangement with me. In the past couple of years, I have worked hard and settled all my other delinquent/charged-off CC debts (they were all with the OC in-house collections department). I have exhausted all my financial resources trying to clean up my credit and to take ownership of my debts. I don't have additional $12,000 to pay a JDB. I am exhausted, and I am so close to reaching the SOL (February 2018) that I really want to enrich this JDB as little as possible. Thank you for reading this long post. I would love to hear your thoughts and advice. What would you do if you were me? Any insights from our veteran California forum members?
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