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  1. Ok, realized I have totally neglected the most important part - out lining step by step what should be done when faced with fraud... File Police Report: a. Very important to establish time of discovery & action on your part. b. Always submit relevant documents relating to the case. Copies only c. Itemize all creditors affected & properly identify them. name / account number / amount... d. Obtain copy of the police report; if not then the file number. e. Be persistent, local authorities may tell you they can't take a report. If that does not work suggest going to county or state police
  2. this is a must listen for all of us here
  3. Helping a friend with a civil case. Looking to site cases for the complaint. 1. Landlord releases private information on a rental application to someone who coerced landlord to give them this info. The person is an individual, not a lawyer. The party requesting the information is involved in another court case with the landlord's tenant in a different state. Information was posted online as the public record, but it is illegal in California for a landlord to pass this information with ss#, bank info etc without the consent of the tenant, unless he has a court order. And that is not the
  4. I am retired, 65 years old, live in Sacramento, CA and am the recent victim of Identity theft. To get to my point and question, an individual using my name, social security number and Date of birth contacted at least 2 new banks for the purpose of applying for new financial accounts/credit cards and in the case of one bank he was successful to the point of fraudulent purchases being made. This individual provided a Bronx New York address in both his applications! Red Flag!?! I immediately obtained copies of my credit reports from all 3 of the major bureaus and the evidence of his recen
  5. I was recently a victim of identity theft, and I am now pursuing FCRA violations against multiple parties. I can't give specifics for obvious reasons, but I will post my case once there is a final ruling. I hope it will help anyone who has been a true victim of this devastating crime. As of today, my case is headed to a jury trial in federal court based on alleged FCRA violations by multiple parties (for the same fraudulent account/debt). The law is there for a reason, to protect not just identity theft victims, but all consumers from unfair, inaccurate credit reporting, and it needs to b
  6. I am a victim of identity theft, and had filed a report with local police, also the FTC. I requested Experian block a fraudulent account, and provided them with copies of the identity theft reports to support the request. They removed the fraudulent account within a few days of doing this. I had disputed the same fraudulent account with Equifax, and attached identity theft reports as supporting documentation. For 3 weeks after Experian blocked the account, the date reported on this same account was updated 4 times on Equifax. 11/11/2016 I requested Experian remove the fraudulent ac
  7. Hi my name is billy and i have been a victim of identity theft. im in the process of getting my credit fixed, but im worried the guy will use it again after i get it fixed. what can i do to stop this? i know the person who is using my social as i used to live with him. long story short i went through his stuff while he was at work and found a whole binder full of peoples names addresses and social numbers. i didn't call the cops that day but was going to the next day because i used to smoke and was scared i would get in trouble some how to. the next day i had to go to work but was going to ca
  8. About a year and half ago my credit monitoring agency alerted me that Comcast Cable had done a credit check on me in Georgia. I was stationed in Georgia about 9 months prior before retiring from the Army, but I had never had Comcast and at this point I had just recently moved to Colorado. I contacted Comcast to find out why they had run my credit and it turned out someone had used my name and SSN to get cable in a trailer park nearby my prior military post. I filed an identity theft report with the FTC and with my local police department and faxed all of these documents, along with proof of ad
  9. We work with a company in the identity protection space that has just launched completely free identity protection. We are looking for people who would be willing to share their identity theft stories with us, and possibly the media, to help others learn how to protect themselves. If you’re interested and willing, we’d like to set up a time to speak with you and listen to your story. Please respond to with your name and phone number as well as a short summary of your identity theft experience. Chosen participants will receive a Starbucks gift card.
  10. I am being sued by a lawyer for a JDB and have a few questions. On the Summary of the Pre-Trial Conference, the Judge marked that I have an additional 21 days to Amend my pleading. (I think he did this because I messed the first one up so bad.) Unfortunately, I sent in a second pleading, a little better than the first but still lacking, (after reading here, greatly lacking), my question is, can I file another pleading to replace the 2nd pleading? I still have til the 28th of Nov before the 21 days are over. Can someone give advice? Thanks, Lost
  11. A lot of people think that identity theft is just credit, in fact it is not. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, and it will not stop. A lot of people believe that it can be prevented, and that alone is a fairy tale myth. If you think that the criminal masterminds in Nigeria have been cracked down think again. Identity theft forms in a catalyst in different ways such as medical, criminal/character, drivers license etc. Now you may think, well I have it at my work, "I'm fine." No not so. If you don't work there anymore how fine are you? Do you believe that your 'credi
  12. I have always worried about Identity thieves who had account info for Credit Cards from later failed banks attempting collections or selling "accounts" in the secondary collections markets. Has there ever been instances where this has happened? I am looking into it because with the unregulated mess debt collections are now that this possibly could happen. Scenario #1 Identity theft ring waits and has information of accounts. The bank which the accounts are from has failed. The Id Theft ring forms a collections LLC. They file lawsuits on the accounts they have already. The get answers in 1
  13. I have a similar situation. I was served a document for a "PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE", plaitiff is Capital One. The document states that it is mediation and not to bring any witnesses but that I must appear in person on June 19th to avoid default judgement. It says a written motion will not excuse the personal appearance (Do I need one anyway?). It says the purpose is to determine if I admit ll or part of the claim. Count 1 is breech of contract Count 2 Account stated The document I received is addressed to me, at an address where I resided six years ago. the page with the count has my address fr
  14. Found this site while I was researching for an article, wanted to make everyone aware there *is* help. My name's Jake Stroup, I'm an identity theft risk management consultant living in the midwest. I write for the New York Times online forums,, and consult with insurance professionals about how to protect their clients. If you have an identity theft issue you can feel free to PM me for free advice. I'm big on helping people, and know that the biggest problem facing identity theft victims is the host of so-called "experts" who offer all sorts of useless advice. Also, although this is
  15. Another question: In the early 90's my father took out a discover card in my name and also falsified my signature on half of my financial aid documents. He also owed the IRS upwards of $20,000. I did not find out about the discover card until the mid 90's and was able to have it removed from my credit report. He has denied that he did this. I thought that my financial aid had been taken care of and nothing is on my credit report. However after my father had a stroke we went through his apt and found several documents, ss info, and personal info of mine. This year my taxes were garnished
  16. I sent all my documentation to TU and EX to have fraudulent accounts removed. I included the credit report with all accounts highlighted, a copy of the police report, FTC ID Theft Affidavit and a copy of my DL. This was their response: "We have received the Identity Theft Report / Court Order you recently sent to TU. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept this documentation. However, TU will contact the source of the disputed information to advise them of your dispute. We will ask them to verify the accuracy of the reported information. When the investigation is completed, you will rece
  17. Firstly let me give thanks to people who create this site, it really helps! Okay i'm trying to make a long story short, if anybody out there can help me I really appreciate. I use to live in Minneapolis MN and moved to Hawaii on April 2004 to get married. My own sister who still live in MN, use my SSN to find a job, because she has a check forgery felony on her record, she did find a job and she file tax exempt, so she never paid any tax for the State of MN. all this time I never knew that shes being using my SSN until 2007 me and my husband moved here in Washington and all this letters from
  18. Recently I discovered a FRAUDULENT Barclays Bank Delaware MasterCard account on my 3 credit reports. I immediately notified the CRA's and provided them with a Police Report, a notarized Affidavit of Identity Theft (The one put out by the FTC), positive identification and a letter stating the account was not mine and I did not benefit from its use. In addition to the CRA's, I sent a packet with the EXACT same information to Barclays Bank Delaware via Express Mail (they did sign for it!). As of today, May 1, all 3 CRA's are blocking this account. However, now Barclays Bank is calling me ince
  19. My ex husband's girlfriend called my car insurance company and cancelled my car insurance! The only security questions they asked her was my name, address, phone number, and email address. A refund was made in my Ex's name and my name to him, for $80. I have a new insurance company now, but my premium is higher because I had a "lapse" in insurance! The cops won't write a report because they say the penal code says that Identity Theft is only when an account is opened in someone else's name, not when an account is messed with! If so, don't you think the penal code needs to be re-interpreted or
  20. Ok in a nutshell... got divorced last year. Worked A LOT of hours at work previous to divorce, not home often, on the road. Spouse in charge of bills. Took out lots of little credit cards in my name. Never paid them. Now I am starting to get letters from c/a's. Yes, I never checked my credit report regularly, yes, I allowed this by my ignorance. Yes I trusted my spouse. Didn't know about bills prior to divorce, so they are not stated in papers. But I do know that not one of these has MY true signature. Am I screwed? Do I have to pay these? Is this a case of identity theft since we were marrie
  21. Last year I came back to United States and found out that my personal information was and credit cards were used including new credit cards that I did not even apply. I took all the necessary steps, filed the police report, notify the credit bureaus, filed disputes, sent letters. It has been on huge freaking nightmare. Fortunately, I am almost done with all the fraudulent reportings on my credit report. I have worked very hard on daily basis to get rid of this off my back. One of the creditors sold one of the accounts to some Law Firm. I have sent them all the documents to support the cla
  22. I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but I'm trying to help a friend who is a victim of spousal identity theft... His wife forged his name on a credit card application with a credit line of 10,000.00. He found out about the card when he received a letter in the mail from the collection agency that the debt was turned over to. It was at this time that he questioned his wife and she came clean about forging his name on the application and the spending of 10,000.00. The collection agency is willing to settle with him for 5900.00, but of course, he doesn't have this amount of money. I
  23. Hello: I recently suffered over $3,000 worth of unauthorized ATM transactions on my checking account. I'm not sure how, but someone was withdrawing money from my ATM. Upon further research, it appears its possible to clone debit cards these days. Anyway, I contacted Washington Mutual, and reported the transactions, which occurred about 700 miles from where I live. They provided me a provisional credit for the amount in question and conducted their investigation. In the meantime, I had to call them three times to request they provide me a new card/PIN #, which they failed to (WEIRD) They s
  24. PART 1 of 2 Identity theft victim wins right to sue county clerk over posting of personal data Ohio appeals court reverses dismissal of lawsuit claiming that posting of speeding-ticket image violated privacy laws Jaikumar Vijayan