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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone. I am working on a Demand for Arbitration through JAMS against Portfolio Recovery for a synchrony bank/amazon card. They sued me for $973 in small claims in Indiana. The small claims court judge granted me 60 days to file arbitration after I filed a motion to compel arbitration. I am choosing to file with JAMS even through the lawyer responded to my motion with a response citing AAA and attaching AAA Rules and asking judge to order me to initiate arbitration with AAA within 60 days. The judge responded with an order for me to commence arbitra
  2. Hi, If any one has a CITIBANK agreement for 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001... I prefer that it has JAMS but if I can't find with JAMS, I could argue that there is arbitration clause. Thank you!
  3. My wife is being sued by second-round sub in the Bowie County District Court of Texas. We have submitted our answer to the Court and our motion to compel arbitration. We submitted her motion to compel arbitration to the Court on July 2, 2020, but we still have not heard anything from the Court. In the meantime, our demand for arbitration with JAMS has been approved and second-round sub has been sent a notice and an invoice for the deposit of $1750. My question is, should we submit to the Court our accepted demand for arbitration with JAMS as evidence to the Court in an attempt to get our
  4. I recently filed for JAMS arbitration against an OC, and did not request expedited procedures. JAMS notified me that the arbitration will be conducted under the Streamlined Rules. Isn't that expedited? Also, I requested that the OC advance my share of the fees, which they haven't done yet. They did pay their portion of $1,250. The amount in question is under $5,000. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello All, I am looking for some help. I was recently sued and I don't know what to do. I'm trying to stay calm, but I am internally freaking out. If you one can provide any details, I would greatly appreciate. I'm interested in the arbitration path, but I'm not sure if that will help me or hurt me. Below are the details of my situations. I currently live in GA and I'm recovering college graduate. I don't have any money to spare, but I also don't want a judgement on my public record. Please Help Me! 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Velocity Investments LLC 2.
  6. Hi. Please be gentle. I have been reading quite a few posts and now think I know enough information to be a little bit dangerous... My wife was served a summons almost 30 days ago. I am about to file the official responses with the superior court system, but I just read about arbitration and JAMS. The original creditor was Citibank. The amount my wife is being sued for is $8,235.57. I don't want to make any mistakes when doing this, so I am asking for any and all assistance here. Her official responses are a denial of all allegations (attorney friend via the phone--she has no real expe
  7. Can anyone point me in the direction of how to Initiate with JAMS? I was looking at their website but I see no type of form or anything I can fill out to show I am initiating arbitration with JAMS.
  8. If I filed a general denial and the court set a hearing in 2 weeks can I still elect JAMS or do I need to wait and appear in court then present my contract and advise I'm electing arbitration per my agreement?
  9. Hello all, This is my first post. I have been sued by Midland in Oregon. At this time I don't want to post too much more info than that in case the attorneys are surveying this forum. First of all, thank you all for your informative contributions. As my case progresses, I hope to be able to contribute as well. Midland is suing for about 10k, if I MTC/stay for JAMS (it is allowed in my case), will they stay the course? I guess I am really asking for is what people think a "small" or "large" amount of debt is. Also, the fee section of my arb clause reads: Who pays? Whoever files the ar
  10. Hi all, I'm new to this forum, have been reading other debt/credit forums for years now. This is long, and I apologize, but there's a lot of specifics. I'm in search of some very specific answers that require some understanding of Minn*eso*ta law. I cannot find clear answers to these questions in the Rules of Procedure. Approx. a year ago I was served (pocket service) a Summons & Complaint by Pe*zz*uto Law Firm, representing C-a- c-h LLC, who had purchased a debt from US Ba_nk (amt appro. $6500). I hired an atty listed on NACA, who drafted my Answer and submitted it to Pe*zz*uto withi
  11. I am ordered to stay proceedings pending Private/Contractual Arbitration. Proceedings stayed for 30 days for defendant to initiate arbitration. My question is: I know I need to prove the judge I initiated JAMS, do I send a cover letter to judge stating that I initiated Jams and please find enclosed proof of service and copy of Initiation cover letter? I also send the same documents to lawyer/ firm of the OC? Letter smth like below? Judge name Judge address My name My address Case Number: RE: Arbitration Initiation Order Dear Sir/Madam Please find enclosed a copy of the Arbitratio
  12. I’m being sued by Barclay’s (Juniper Card)... Is there any way to force arbitration and, if so, is it possible to force them to use JAMS instead of AAA??? (I know Barclays prefers AAA because it's more creditor friendly.) All help appreciated; thanks for this great resource...
  13. Hello, I'm being sued by Hunt and Henriques for about 2,600. The original company was HSBC and the original debt was about 1,900. I have 30 days to report back to the court. Should I try to file for arbitrations through JAMS or is there another option that I should look into? The account will be about 4 years old next year. Any help will be most appreciated. I'm a newbie here.
  14. Hello, Im being sued by Hunt and Henriques for about 2,600. The original company was HSBC, but the original debt was about 1,900. I have 30 days to report back to the court. Should I try to file for arbitration through JAMS or is there another approach I should go for? The account will be about 4 years old next year.
  15. Hi Everyone, Linda7 has asked me to start a new post on my situation. ANY sound advice would be of great help. This is the last collector I have after me. My others have been settled, with 1 judgment awarded. My current open accounts are up to date and in good standing. THANKS! I'm here in MI, and I'm in the same boat as blindspot99. Here is his post: The only difference is that mine is an HSBC card that AA got ahold of. Around 9K. I have about 12 days left to respond to the summons/complaint. I am curr
  16. Hi everyone, I have read through the steps to arbitration and I finally feel like I am getting a grasp of things.I have been doing lots and lots of research and everything I read tells me that this DC Law firm is horrible to work with. I received a dunning letter and I responded with a letter CMRRR that I disputed the debt, and would like to use arbitration via JAMS per my cardholder agreement. I received 2 statements (random months) and an affidavit of the creditor that after looking online sounds like a generic one that they send everyone. The letter said that I will be please that
  17. Trueq , Wow need to know more about (JAMS arbitration! ) in Vegas , I don't know if you have seen any of my posts , a lot of members have been helping me a lot . I have four cases going on right now , I have went to my first pretrial , they set my trial date but then when I demanded a trial by jury they said they would set the date later . I have listed the court records below , I need to understand more about arbitration in Vegas , I would love to go that way , One of the cases is my wife's and she is not looking forward to a jury trial . At what point can I invoke my rights to arbitration ?