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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, I’ve been actively reading all the forums and find everything so helpful. However, it looks like no one’s experienced what I have gone through so far. A packet arrived in first class mail for my husband today, however, the case was filed back in November 13, 2019 to the superior court of Orange County and stated that he has 30 days to respond. This is the first time seeing this packet come in the mail. no one has ever served us papers. However, The letter attached to these papers that arrived with the copy was dated on 1/15/2020 but we just received it today, January 27th.
  2. I was sued by Kenosian & Miele and got some good advice here previously, so... My trial is at the end of July and I'm wondering how best to proceed given that time frame. I sent them a BOP and M&C months ago, which they never responded to, but I did not follow up, unfortunately, as I shifted my attention to opposing their Motion to Deem Matters Admitted which came in shortly thereafter, (that the debt was legitimate, mine, and I didn't pay) Their motion was denied. I have propounded no discovery as of yet, just responded to their request for documents and admissions and then opposed
  3. I've been sued by Unifund (attorney is Kenosian & Miele) for a credit card debt with the SOL set to expire in a couple of months. Have not been served but have been checking the Los Angeles County Superior Court web site. Another creditor from the same general time period sued, never served me, claimed they did, and we settled. After that experience, I began to go to the nearby branch court once a month or so to look up my name, and whenever I found a new lawsuit I would take a look at the file. Eventually another creditor tried to do the same thing. The clerk had laid the loose reque
  4. Hello Fellow Debtor Fighters: I received a summons from UNIFUND CCR LLC, via their lawyer Kenneth J. Miele, in Santa Monica, CA. This is a verified complaint, so they must have something on me. I want to know UNIFUND’s Kenosian & Miele’s law firm’s process of winning cases. I'm hoping they use the same strategy every time, because I chose to fight this and win the easiest way possible and I believe I may be able to if I confirm their Mode of operation from others who have gone up against them. Very important: This is the first I have ever heard of Unifund that they wanted
  5. I need to know their strategies for winning cases. Declaration in lieu of testimony? What evidence do they submit ? Etc. Thanks.