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Found 1 result

  1. I won't name the auto financing company here just in case they're trolling. My issue is this: our auto loan matured in July 2017, and we were never notified that there were any penalties, fees, after-the-fact late payment charges, etc., before that time. We only received monthly statements with the car payment amount and "pay after this date and you must pay an additional $XX.XXX late fee" which, when we were a couple of days over, we paid the late fee. So here we are, thinking we've paid everything they asked but now there's an additional $3700 to be paid that accrues interest every month! In the past, when we were late, we were in contact with their account reps via e-mail (saved all e-mails). We asked and received the total amount due (incl. late fees) in order to "bring your account up to date until such-and-such date", so paying everything they asked, we thought we did everything right. It's why it's so surprising that, after the contractual 'mature date', they continued to send us statements as if nothing changed. NOTE: We never received any letters to inform us of any penalties, etc, or any after-mature-date balance they want to collect on - they never printed the balance on the monthly statements - and there's never been any letters informing us there was a "pay-off" balance that we were still obligated to pay. So in absence of that, we wrote them a letter asking why they keep sending us statements, disputing we owe them anything. We were disputing a charge of $460.75 that “includes delinquent payments, late fees, and other charges” . We sent the letter certified w/RRR nearly a month ago for clarification. In that letter, we also requested that this amount is in dispute and that all calls in attempt to collect must halt. They didn't stop calling and continued even after receiving the letter--and until this day. Also, we get e-mails almost on a daily basis. Although we sent the letter nearly a month ago, we have yet to receive a written response. Last night, finally, I received an e-mail claiming that we owed them not $460.75 but a whopping total of $3700 (pay-off amount as of that day--e-mail sent at 6:30 their time)! Attached to that e-mail was a print-out that's almost impossible to read and I don't trust since office print-outs can be manipulated. Our letter to them asked for an itemization. I believe the print-out is insufficient to satisfy clarification of the balance, and it's hard to read with codes they use but are alien to us. Had they written us a couple of months back, we would have added that amount to the loan when we bought a new car for my husband last month. Now that the financing went through, we're out of luck. My question now is, what do we do now? Anyone with any experience with this situation? Please let me know what my next course of action should be. Since they never wrote us to let us know there were penalties, etc., after the contract 'matured', and they simply continued to send statements with the car payment amount, is this even legal? Can they put interest on top of interest (penalties, late fees, etc.)? I know I might be out of luck here, but I need some experienced advice on this. Thanks so much!
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