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Found 3 results

  1. Today I received a letter for the remainder of an unpaid medical bill from National Patient Account Services (NPAS, LLC). I just checked my credit reports and the collection has not yet reported to the CRAs, and of course, I don’t want it to. I have the thirty days to dispute, etc. Should I just contact the CA to ask for a pay for deletion (under $400) or can they not report anyway because I am paying right away before the thirty days? OR, should I send the payment to the hospital and hope they accept the payment and then if it does hit my CR, dispute as previously paid? OR, should I DV them to stall it out to buy time? OR, is there a better, faster, saner way to handle this situation? My son broke his thumb and the bill was $1000 after insurance paid their portion. So, the debt is valid. I have been successful in getting my credit in working order (fako is 700) and I'd like to keep it moving in the right direction. Advice, please?
  2. Question. My son had some dental work about a year ago and we were quoted a number for the services, insurance picking up the rest. We paid upfront what we were told the cost was. A while later, we received a bill for almost double what we were originally quoted asking for the balance. Fast forward, I tried to work this out with the dentists office to no avail. They sent me a letter about a month ago stating the section of the IRS tax code regarding discharged debt, and that they were going t report it to the IRS as a 1099 MISC income. Then they said they were going to turn it over to a collection agency for non payment. I received a verification letter today from the CA. Question is, what do I do? Do I dispute the debt and tell them that I have received a letter from OC showing they said they will filie a 1099 and that the debt was discharged? Do I threaten to sue them for a non existant debt based upon the OC letter? Any advise would be appreciated. My son had just turned 18 at the time this happened and they made him sign the forms so I would really hate to get his credit ruined from this deceiving dentist. The debt discharge income is of no consequence as he is a full time student with no income. I have attached a copy of the meat of the letter. Thanks in advance dentist.pdf
  3. I have a medical collection on my credit report. The info is as follows: Date of 1st Delinquency (Service Provided): 06/06/2007 Date Assigned: 01/2009 I live in Florida. The SOL is 5 years. I just recently received a letter from the CA claiming that "unless the debt is received within seven (7) days, you leave us no choice but to advise our client's legal department to review this matter for further action." Isn't the SOL in my favor? Can they sue? How should I respond? Thanks in advance.
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