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Found 3 results

  1. I was served by an officer this morning with a pretrial notice. I’ve never been sued before so I’m not quite sure what to do. Details below: Original Creditor: Credit One Account Open: May 2018 Account Closed: October 2018 Amount Sued For: $1105.15 Attachments: Bill of Sale to Midland, Affidavit of Credit One Bank & Midland, The account info (account #, Name, Bill amount, last payment date, etc.), and my first and last credit card statement. Any advice would be helpful. I’m worried this would impact my credit score that I’ve been working to bring up. Should I work with Midland to pay the debt? Should I file an attribution? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, so so a few weeks ago I was served with a summons. Midland Funding was sueing me for a credit card debt from around 2009. They claim the last payment was made in March of 2013. I do recall the card, but my limit was $900. I was living with my boyfriend at the time so I never got any of the bills sent to my parents home address . L I have not spoken to anyone from midland funding but I did attempt to answer to the summons via RI’s efile system but I cannot tell if it went through because the system is conveniently down right now. Well, today I received a letter saying they have obtained judgement against me, and are motioning to attach my wages. I have not gone to court yet. I filed my answer, which wasn’t admittance I simply asked for time to validate the debt, and I now have the motion in my hand? My questions are as follow: if I have not had a court date yet, can they do this? (I was served 1/24 and filed my answer 2/6) what can I do to physically avoid going to court? I have a new job and I CANNOT ask for a day off right now as I am going to be taking over for someone on vacation. Please help! I have never been to court, not even for a ticket!
  3. I received a summons today and have been trying to research and get more information, this site has been very helpful so I was hoping for some advice on my situation: FIrst I have never received anything from Midland funding llc until I was served today!! I have researched and found that that should send a VALIDATION of debt but I have no information from the summons other than the attorney, do I send it to them? Here is what I received: 1. Defendant resides in this county and/or signed the contract giving rise to this action in this county. Jurisdiction and venue are proper in this court. 2. Defendant entered into a contract with GE MONEY BANK opeing an account ending in XXXX, which contract was subsequently assigned to Plaintiff. 3. Defendant has defaulted on the obligation under contract. 4. The amount due and owing to the Plaintiff is $XXXXX plus accrued interest of $XXXX as of February 27, 2013, at the rate of 10.00% per annum less any payments made. In addition, Plaintiff is entitled to recover interest from February 27,2013, until the date all amounts due are paid. 5. Further, equity requires Defendant to pay the value of the benefits received. DEMAND: Plaintiff requests judgment as follows: For damages in the amount of $XXXX plus accurued intrest of $XXXX as of February 27,2013, at the rate of 10.00% per annum less any payments made; For additional interest from February 27,2013 until amounts dues are paid at the rate of 10.00% per annum; For costs of court both prejudgment and post-judgment; and Any other relief as the court deems just and equitable.Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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