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Found 2 results

  1. Question about validity of a suit filed on us by Portfolio Recovery Associates. They sent to litigation of attorney in Snellville. Looking at summons served (and after investigating via social media, etc), it appears that the attorney who filed the suit and signed the statement of claim had the statement notarized by a notary who happens to be his wife. Is this really legal in Georgia? I thought if you were a notary you could not notarize for a spouse or family member if it were for something in which financial gain was to be made. In this case the attorney would be collecting the amount
  2. In an attempt to detect robo-signing of an affidavit, I took a good hard look at the signature of the notary. It was pretty much three scribbled initials and those initials didn't appear to definitively be the initials of the notary. So... I looked into the laws governing notaries in the state in which it was prepared and found that they keep an official notary signature of each notary on file. I called the office of Secretary of State in this case (different states may use different government bodies to deal with notaries) and told them I am skeptical that this signature is really that o