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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone! I was served with a Civil summons for a flex loan I defaulted on from Advanced Financial in TN. Can anyone tell me what to expect? I've never been to court in my life. I stopped paying because I don't have the money, and won't have the money now either, although I would have it at tax returns around May. Will these people work with you? Let you do a payment plan or a later due date? I'm 90% sure that I don't have any disposable income, if I do it's not much, so they wouldnt be able to garnish my wages much, if at all. The only thing of value I own is my 2005 Ford. Will they try to take my car if I can't pay right then? I thought I had more time before my court date, but it's this Tuesday. (Yay for procrastination!) I tried to call their debt collections lawyers office Friday, but did not receive a call back. Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong forum. Just really trying to get some advice before I go in Tuesday morning. Thank you.
  2. Good evening, Today I received a call from a woman who stated she was calling as papers were being served and they wanted to make sure that someone would be at home. She did not identify herself or the name of her company until asked. I asked who was being sued and she provided my name. When asked about the debt she provided another number for me to call with a reference number. The number provided to me was 1-877-283-1859. I called, gave my last name and provided the reference number. The young lady I spoke with informed me that I was being sued for a payday loan taken out with Quick Cash Express on May 11, 2012. The representative did not provide her name or the name of the company until I asked. I asked for the name of the company, their address and license number. She sarcastically provided the information: J Powers at 111 North Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32801 with a license number of 574891. The original amount of the loan is $500.00 and if I go to court they are looking to collect $1,488.00. I can settle out of court for $698.00. I have been searching online for this company and I cannot locate any information. I also asked for the name of the attorney handling the case and she stated it was J. Powers. Going back to the debt. I do recall taking out a payday loan- in fact I have taken out several years ago and learned my lesson. They are not worth the headache. I do not recall taking out a loan with Quick Cash Express so I asked if the company goes by another name. She said yes and gave me a list of names (Extra cash, Ace Cash, 500 fast cash etc.). I do recall taking out a loan with Ace Cash but to my knowledge, the account was paid in full. I have checked my emails and the last contact I had with them was 2011 and my loan was paid in full. In addition, the company name changed to Advantage Cash Services. I asked the representative if she could validate the debt and she said yes. She informed me that my bank account number was on file, my ssn, email address, mailing address and electronic signature. I asked if she could provide the loan document with the original signature and she said, "No. What more proof do you need? We have your information on file." Prior to these two calls today, I never received any correspondence or calls about this debt. I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. I am not trying to get out of paying what I rightfully owe but I cannot just open my checkbook and pay someone just because they said I owe them money. I will continue to read the various threads to see what I can find. I need to know if this company exists, if they are licensed to collect and what I should do if I get served (other than going to court). Thanks in advance. Nylady
  3. Hi everyone, It's been a while since I posted, but you've all been extremely helpful in the past (I was successful in court against Midland thanks to all the wonderful people here), and I need some help/advice again. Today I got a phone call (voicemail) from a lady saying she was from "Pre-Litigation Accredited Services". She said there's a pending investigation for two counts of fraud. I couldn't understand her on the "Accredited" part when she left her message, so I called to see who these people are. The phone number went directly to her extension. The first two times, it went straight to voicemail. The third time, she picked up, and she had to repeat the name three times before I finally understood her. I only mention this because I wanted to clarify why I called them in the first place. Apparently (according to her) they've sent two letters about this, but they were sent back. Turns out they were sending them to my old address. I didn't give her any information at all except my name. She said they represent CashNet USA, and that there MIGHT be an issue. They don't have any solid evidence to SHOW any kind of fraud on my part, and CashNet USA does not show up on any of my credit reports. But according to the voicemail she left, I was "required" to call them back by the end of today's business or they would summon me to court. I have had a loan out with CashNet USA in the past, but it's been a LONG time ago. I knew then that payday loans were bad news, but I was in a fix. I was meticulous with pay back, however, and I did pay them off, so I'm confused as to why this is coming up. A Google search doesn't bring up anything for "Pre-Litigation Accredited Services", which makes me wonder if they have an entirely different business name and this something like a department or something. I'm in the middle of trying to clean up my credit. I've been able to go from 435 to 565 over the past several months. It's been HARD WORK, and I still have a ways to go. Now I have this bump in the road. Any help would be really awesome. Thanks!!
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