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Found 2 results

  1. I received a letter today from Atlantic Credit & Finance Inc, informing me Midland Funding, LLC is considering forwarding this account to a attorney in my state (Florida - St. Lucie County). The letter states: Original Creditor: SYNCHRONY BANK AMAZON Current Owner: Midland Funding LLC Current Servicer: Atlantic Credit & Financing, Inc. Balance: $4,350.23 Date of Default: 11/15/2017 Last Paid Date: 05/08/2018 (This is not correct as I have not made a single payment since defaulting) I wish to send them a debt validation letter as from what I've read on here, however I am unsure how to proceed with arbitration if they are able to validate. They have only provided me with a P.O. Box to send correspondences to, how can I get a signature with this method? What specifics should I ask for in the letter? I saw someone mention asking for an Original Agreement between me and my creditor. What should I look for in their response to let me know if they may or may not have a case against me? Debt history, invalid/outdated information, etc? Should I mention a possible arbitration or leave it out? Do any of you have a link to a good validation letter sample? Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it.
  2. Hello, so yesterday 5/14/18 I received a letter in the mail from Atlantic credit and finance incorporated. They wrote that the now current creditor midland is considering forwarding my account to a lawyer in my state for lititgation. The letter states: Atlantic credit and finances has tried to reach you regarding this account. This letter is to inform you that Midland funding, LLC is considering forwarding this account to an attorney in your state for possible litigation. upon receipt of this notice please call the number to discuss your options. if we don’t hear from you or receive payment, Midland funding LLC may proceed with forwarding this account to an attorney. Atlanta credit and financial like to make an arrangement with you to resolve the above referenced account using the following: bi weekly payments or a one time payment of 673. the opportunity to pay the listed above does not alter or amend your validation right as described in our previous letter to you. once we have completely furfilled your payment arrangement, you will be released of the obligation. we are not obligated to renew this offer. my problem is, these letters were sent to my permanent address while I was away at college, I’m graduating this week and this is the worst kind of news to get on my momentous occasion that summarizes my 4 years, I can’t stop thinking of getting sued now. Because I was away I always neglected these letters from collection agencies, I know that was a horrible thing to do, but I was going through a lot of stress and found some peace in ignorance for a whole, I wouldn’t even read the letters, I’d just throw them away. In this letter it states “ The opportunity to pay the listed above does not alter or amend your validation right as described in our previous letter to you” I have no idea what this means because I most likely threw away the previous letter they sent me because of ignorance, I now know why to read everything I get. I have done some very light research on this and the only thing I can find is that people start by asking for a DV, which is the only term I know, but I know there is like a 30 day window or something? Since this is the first letter I’m (reading) I don’t know the previous letters they sent and what they entail, but the fact of the matter is that I’m in the pre legal notification stage and I’m not sure if I’m still in the 30 day window or not because I had no clue on what they sent before, I threw them away. Should I call them to ask if I still am in the window or should I not commmniacte with voice as they can record and use it against me? I can just call and ask that one question and if they deny I can hang up? Anyways I have no idea on how to even start this, my goal is to try and pay them nothing. I would come to terms with my original creditor, Best Buy but we are way past that point and from now I’m willing to fight and read every letter I get, but me not knowing what the previous letter they sent is giving me paranoia. What’s giving me more paranoia is that since DV is the only thing I know I feel as if it is the most important thing and without it I’m screwed and can’t do anything? For some reason I feel like it is a first step and without it I can’t do anything. Am I right or wrong in this intuition? Should I request a DV anyways? Where do I get a template? What should I include in the request? How do I start this? What path do I take to fight this and pay as little as possible? I apologize but I’m a scared college student, I have some money in the bank that I received from hard work and I don’t want that to be levied because if they take the full amount I’d have almost nothing left.
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