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Found 3 results

  1. I am about to argue a motion to vacate a default judgement. The original complaint was filed against me without my knowledge in late 2011. The alleged date of default is from 12/5/08. I only learned about the lawsuit in April 2016, when I was sent a Notice of Wage Garnishment. I am arguing pro se. I did already object to the wage garnishment but in addition I have filed this motion to vacate. The Plaintiff (Midland Funding) and their attorney (Pressler & Pressler) sent everything from the initial 2011 complaint to the wrong address, even though I had formally changed my address with Motor Vehicle back in early 2010. The original debtor was Target National Bank. My primary defense is lack of personal jurisdiction, improper service. In addition, the city I moved to was in an entirely different county from where the lawsuit was filed. (Filed in Cumberland County, NJ and I reside in Salem County, NJ). I am hoping to win the motion without putting much emphasis on the County difference. I am comfortable with the current judge and don’t wish to change venues unless it is my only option left. Soon after I filed the Motion I received a letter from the Plaintiff's attorney asking me to prove my address from November and December 2011, when service occurred. As far as I know I already did provide proof of address change and enough documentation to show a pattern of my whereabouts during this time period. I am not sure if I should send them something right away or wait to see if the judgement is vacated? I have requested they Validate the Debt already and Pressler & Pressler refused since they had already won the default judgement. In any case, if my motion to vacate is successful, I would assume Midland Funding will attempt to refile. They might refile in Salem County this time, or attempt to restart or refile in Cumberland County. NJ Statute of Limitations on Debt Collection is 6 years. Since the original date of default on the debt is from 2008, is this debt now considered time-barred? Or is there any reason the statute of limitations would be ignored or reset? Of what issues should I be aware?
  2. Today this comes in the mail, referring to a judgement made against me in 8/06. First, I was never served - the address on their letter is one where I've never lived, and I wasn't even in the Country at the time. Second, there's no information about the original debt, so there's no way to verify the amount. Also the letter arrived through my bank - notification that they are freezing the amount in question. - not from them. I see that these guys are shady, so I'm not sure exactly how to proceed. Do I ask for the judgement to be voided because I was never served? How do I answer the subpoena? Can I counter sue them for the bank fees? I live in SC, but the action was taken in New York. How can I manage this long distance?
  3. I just had a motion hearing in Bergen County (Special Civil - Small Claims) Amount $1,300.00 I am the defendant in a lawsuit vs Midland Funding. Represented by Pressler and Pressler. LLC. Today's motion hearing was in regard to a set of an Initial Interrogatories dated June 6, 2014. There were 3 questions in the Interrogatories. The claim made by the defendant was: "The answers that you provided to all of Plaintiff's Initial Interrogatories are non-responsive because they are devoid of the information requested in those Interrogatories." The 3 Interrogatories were: 1. Set forth with specificity all facts in support of each defense and/or claim which the defendant has in the above-entitled matter including dates, places, names and addresses of persons present or involved in any actions and /or conversations. 2. Attach copies of all writings, documents or any other records which relate to said account or in any way support any defenses or claims, including but not limited to, correspondence, contracts, agreements, notices, monthly statements, applications, and any letters sent to or received in connection with the subject account. 3. Attach any documentation evidencing defendant' mailing address(es) between 5/18/06 to 11/24/10, which should include but is not limited to, copies of energy or water bills, telephone bills, leases and /or deed(s)/mortgage(s) and drivers license(s). If said documentation is not in the possession of the defendant, please list each address at which the defendant received mail during the time period requested. To all three I answered. "Defendant is without information or knowledge sufficient to form an opinion as to the truth or accuracy of Plaintiff's claim, and based on that denies generally and specifically Plaintiff's claim." How should I have answered? At today's motion hearing the judge asked all cases involving Pressler and Pressler to go out into the hallway to meet with their attorney individually. About seven clients, including myself waited in the hallway. When it came to my turn, I stated based on the mood of the judge and how all other clients had been treated that "I am open to discussing a settlement, but I need to receive all the documents that I requested first." I was asked 2 questions about the account and said I am not familiar with the information and that is why I need all of the documents to verify. Then I brought up the option to "dismiss with prejudice the case if they are not able to provide the documents before our trial date". The attorney said that will be a possibility that she will discuss with her client. She gave her business card and asked for my phone number. To quote her, "This is something we can discuss and do before we go to trial on Wednesday. She would not be able to request this motion today. However this is something we can discuss up and to before the trial date (Wednesday July 30, 2014). Here is where I think I made my mistake. We then went back before the judge and the motion was just for how I answered the 3 Interrogatories. The judge was upset with everyone before him today. He is just horrible. He looked at my replies and said that "you can not answer these this way. This looks like something you just looked up on the internet and filled some space." Motion To Strike was in favor of Pressler and Pressler. Our trial date is now Wednesday, July 30 2014 8:45AM. So with my motion to strike granted to them, is it now as if I did not answer and therefore the court can grant automatic default judgment? Very worried here. What options, if any do I have at this time? What motions or filings can I file at this time (if any)? Did Pressler and Pressler just sand bag me? Thank you for your time in reading this. I look forward to replies and possible solutions.
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