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Found 2 results

  1. Excuse me if this seems too basic, but I'm having trouble understanding when I need an affidavit of service, and how it should be done. I've read everything I can find on this forum, as well as plowing through what I could find in the NY CPLR, and I'm still stumped. Here's what I need to know. When do I need to file an affidavit of service? Does everything I send to the plaintiff require an affidavit of service? Also, from what I understand, even for an affidavit of service by mail, I am not allowed to drop the thing in the mail myself. So essentially, I need to find a notary and bring along with me someone who will then drop the whole thing in the mail. And I have to do this each time I file something?? I cannot tell you what a pain in the a$$ it is to find a notary, and find someone with time on their hands just to go along with me to the notary and drop an envelope in the mail. And frankly, I'm not crazy about telling random strangers or neighbors about my legal troubles. Is there any way around this?
  2. I am sued by Cavalry and have requested admissions. Their response is to admit but claim I have not requested the related document through discovery. Example: My request: Plaintiff has not provided Defendant with a copy of an application for a credit card account... Response: CSPV admits the allegations, defendant has not requested it through discovery. In my request for documents, I have requested "Any credit application, contract, or other agreement..." Do I make a second request for the application and be any more specific? Is this a matter that has to wait until trial? Is it possible that the admissions respondent is unaware of the request for documents? I could use a little help figuring this out. Thanks!!!
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