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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, i am lost and in desperate need of help. I am very uneducated when it comes to law. I had a unsecured personal loan of $10k from Prosper which i paid for for first 8 months then financial crisis hit and couldn't make payments. Stupid of me. Anyways prosper then sold the debt to Velocity Investment LLC after few months of being delinquent. It was $8295 I contacted velocity to try to negotiate but velocity did not want to negotiate. I was still trying to negotiate with them but that time i had some family emergency and had to stop everything. Today in the email i received a letter which i am going to paste below. " Re: Debt owed by XXXXXXXXXXXXX for a Prosper Funding LLC account number *6686 ] now assigned to VELOCITY INVESTMENTS, LLC Dear XXXXXXXXXXXXXX: Please be advised that this firm has been retained to represent VELOCITY INVESTMENTS LLC, the assignee of the above referenced debt. Account balance (as of the date of this letter): $8,295.29 Unless, within thirty days after receipt of this notice, you dispute the validity of the debt or any portion thereof, we will assume the debt to be valid. If, within thirty days after your receipt of this notice, you notify us in writing that the debt or any portion thereof is disputed, we will obtain a verification of the debt or, if the debt is founded upon a judgment, a copy of any such judgment, and we will mail to you a copy of such verification or judgment. If the original creditor is different from the creditor named above, then upon your written request within thirty days after the receipt of this notice, we will provide you with the name and address of the original creditor This communication is from a debt collector and is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Sincerely, O&L LAW GROUP, P.L." Can someone please direct me to right direction? What do to who to contact? I still can't make the payment of $8k.
  2. My father passed away in February 2016 and had a loan with Prosper. I notified them and sent a death certificate for which they stopped the automatic withdrawals. I haven't heard from them since however they keep on adding interest and there is a penalty charge. I am not sure if they will write off, contact me for a settlement, etc. I do have enough in the estate to pay off but would prefer to pay my sons student loans if need be. Any advise ?
  3. I am being sued by Velocity Investments, LLC in the State of Ohio. I have attached a redacted copy of the complaint for which I sent a Response and was assigned a Pre-trial date that is this upcoming Monday. Wonder if there are any good defenses that I can use for this case. Thank you for any help you can give me. Velocity Complaint.pdf
  4. Hello all, I have a dire situation that I have created through my gambling addiction. I have gotten help with my addiction and am clean for 85 days now. I have stopped most of my payments since November of 2016 and have therefore been able to negotiate these terms in the past 2 weeks, please review and any feedback on the negotiated rates or amounts is appreciated. Here is a summary of my debt: Creditor Name Current Balance Monthly Payment Notes Disover Card $2,333.33 $42.00 - Negotiated a 5 year payment plan @ .99% at $42.00 per month (was $65.00 a Month @ 23.24%) Chase Card 0872 $2,640.41 $53.00 - Negotiated a 5 year payment plan @ 6.00% at $53.00 per month (was $56.00 a month @ 15.24%) Chase Card 6214 $3,006.80 $60.00 - Negotiated a 5 year payment plan @ 6.00% at $60.00 per month (was $69.00 a month @ 18.24%) Care Credit $3,500.00 $90.00 - 0% interest for 18 months Paypal Credit $3,500.00 $100.00 - 0% interest for 12 months CitiCard 0534 $7,214.54 $123.00 - Negotiated a 5 year payment plan @ 0.00% at $123.00 per month (was $176.00 a month @ 28.99%) CitiCard 1857 $8,305.54 $141.00 - Negotiated a 5 year payment plan @ 0.00% at $141.00 per month (was $192.00 a month @ 28.24%) Bremer Bank $8,110.83 $155.00 - Negotiated a 5 year payment plan @ 4.90% at $155.00 per month (was $190.00 a month @ 24.24%) OneMain Financial $8,984.48 $157.51 - Negotiated a 6 months payment plan @ 14.28% at $157.51 (was $314.89 a month @ 21.94%) Wells Fargo $13,042.56 $339.28 - No Option to negotiate - Car Blue Book Value is $9,670.00 Lending Club $16,779.00 $804.53 - I have a settlement off of $12,812.53 (I have declined this offer - account is 80 days past due) Prosper $17,050.84 $641.25 - I have accepted a settlement off of $641.25 per month for 12 months ($7,695.00) or approx 45% settlement. Bank of America $25,552.67 $539.14 - No Option to negotiate - Truck Blue Book Value is $18,560.00 SoFi $33,810.86 $604.56 - No Option to negotiate - Terms are 10.88% for 72 months Freedom Mortgage $189,114.01 $1,414.92 - No Option to negotiate - House appraised at approx. $210k Total: $342,945.87 $6,636.81
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