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Found 4 results

  1. Yesterday, I've a voice message requiring my an attention to "very serious matter". Oh, here we go again. I decided to go ahead and called them back. Attorney: Nelson, Cruz and Associates (Dallas, TX) Client: Hovot Management LLC (Collection Agency) Creditor: MERVYN'S [Charge Card] File No: 2016-xxxx Current Balance: $875.58 I live in Arizona. According my old credit reports (TU, Experian and Equifax), I made the last payment in December 2008. I am not sure if I have on paper these old 2008 "OK", past-due Mervyn's statements and subsequent collection letters. This Collection Account was removed from all my Credit Reports at the End of 2015. They claimed, that the last payment was made in 2012, after they changed it to 2011. Looks like, I have a deal with an attempt to re-age an old debt that was long out of SOL. Nelson & Cruz offered me a settlement 50% with a formal settlement letter. I've sent them back Cease and Desist letter stating that under ARS 12-548 (Arizona 6 years SOL for Credit cards) expired after 2014 and FCRA 7 years for Debt Reporting expired after 2015. Exchange was thru email, which I provided them to accelerate communications. At this point, I am posting this as FYI about various tricky collection techniques to refresh old debts trapping consumers into debt's acknowledgment and making small payments which would reset SOL. P.S. Neither Hovot Management LLC nor Nelson Cruz registered as Collectors with AZ Dept of Financial Institutions. Also, Google does not show any "Hovot Management LLC" at all.
  2. Back in 2003 I had a falling out with Verizon Wireless, and I basically told them to F*** off, and refused to pay them. Boy was I stupid. Anyways, they posted the debt to my Credit Reports, and then gave the debt to Midland Credit Management. Both of those accounts on all three of my credit bureaus had a status of "this account is scheduled to continue on record until Dec 2011", and a balance of "$362". The date opened for the Verizon account was "12/2003", and the date opened for the Midland account was "03/2008". Both of those accounts are deleted from all of my reports. Yay me! Not so fast... In comes Jefferson Capital Systems. Date opened "06/2016". Balance: "$1,677.00". Scheduled to be on my credit report until March of 2020. Not only have they re-aged the date of first delinquency on a 13 YEAR OLD DEBT. They have exponentially increased the balance. The statute of limitations was up in 2010. Now, I want to sue these a$$holes. I don't just want to get this deleted. I want REVENGE. This was a blatant violation of the FDCPA and/or the FCRA. My question is this: How do I go about getting definitive evidence of this besides my old credit report print-offs? How do I go about getting the Date of First Delinquency from the Credit Bureau, the Original Creditor (Verizon), and this terrible excuse for a collection agency: Jefferson Capital Systems? Basically, how do I show a judge I caught them red-handed? Thanks, Nick
  3. I have an old Sprint bill, DOLA summer of 2008. I went into a Sprint store last week and this info was confirmed by their rep and also via a phone call to their credit department. Enhanced Recovery Corp out of Florida is listing the DOLA as 2012. I've disputed and they continue to "verify" and additionally, I asked Sprint to provide me with documentation stating what their rep said or a copy of my final bill and they won't do it.....they just keep routing me back to Enhanced Recovery Corp. This account is supposed to drop off in 90 days but because of their reaging of the debt, it's stating it won't come off now until 2019. This is my last collection account on two reports and it's preventing me from obtaining a mortgage (current FICO is 601). Any ideas from you experts out there? Thanks so much!
  4. Santander is reporting my date of last payment as 7/2014. THIS IS WHEN IT WAS SOLD TO A JUNK DEBT BUYER. My actual last payment to them was 4/2010. The JDB even says so on their paperwork. Isn't this re-aging?? I'm closing on a home loan this month.
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