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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings, I need help! I have an auto loan that is in the process of being charged off. The bank (wellsfargo) has been attempting to repossess the vehicle for some time, however I've managed to keep it in my possession. I owe roughly 16k on the vehicle but got WF to agree to a 10k settlement offer. I don't have 10k or the means to gain that money in a lump sum. My credit score is terrible (480) but my personal habits and financial habits have drastically improved since I put myself in this situation. I am attempting to get a 10k loan to pay off the settlement (and get my credit/my consigners credit back on track) but I am having difficulty finding a place that will consider my situation. I've attempted to arrange a payment plan with WF to pick up where I left off with the loan but they won't have it. I am at a loss of what to do and am open to suggestions!
  2. So I was trying to find some info on this, so any advice will help.. I had a loan through Nissan and missed a few payments so they closed my account. After talking with them they agreed they won't send it to collections or repo it as long as I make my payments on time, which I have been. They told me they won't open my account back up though. I have a credit score of 592, and still working on improving it.. Is there any way I could possibly refinance the loan or if I could trade it in and have the balance rolled into another loan? The amount left is 14,942$..... Or am I screwed because the account is closed?
  3. Hi, I had a short sale on a previous house that was completed in Dec 2013. I purchased another house before doing the short sale. House had 1st Mortgage with Bank of America, they 30 days delinquency was reported in Nov 12 and closed in May 13 with "Account transferred to another office" 2nd Mortgage with Wells Fargo, they reported 30 days delinquency on Feb 13 and closed the account on Jan 14 with statement "Legally paid in full for less than the full balance with comment of "election of remedy - reported by subscriber" BoA sold their loan during the process to NationStar. Nation Star reported 120 days delinquency on Aug 13 and closed the account on Dec 13 with statement "Legally paid in full for less than the full balance with comment of "election of remedy - reported by subscriber" My current score is over 800 and I want to refinance my current house but brokers told me that the short sale is blocking my way to get a good rate. Would you please give me your advice what to do. Thanks and I appreciate your help.
  4. Filed Chapter 13 Sep 2011, Bankruptcy Plan Number 8 DIRECT PAYMENTS lists 3 items, Jeep payment $265.36 WF Home mortgage (1stMortgage) $1,553.24 Wells Fargo Bank (2nd Mortgage) $275.00 These are the payments setup and ordered by the court for us to make directly to these companies. Got your attention? The first 2 went along just fine, Jeep paid off, 1st Mortgage ongoing @ 9% interest, 2nd mortgage paid $275.00 as ordered. We paid for 15 straight months, last payment was Dec 2012, so in Jan 2013 WF Charged the account off. No notification just Charged it off. Total payments due for those 15 months as ordered by the court amounted to $4,125.00 total amount of payments made during same 15 months $4,105.00 . (See Redacted payments 2nd mortgage 2016-12-23-091341 document attached) and (REDACTED Chapter 13 Plan 2016-12-23) So question is how could they charge this off and then why are they now reporting it to the Credit Bureaus as overdue $3,303.00. We tried to refinance with WF, got a resounding "No" , Since Aug 2016 I have been communicating with WF, I have received 41 letters some the exact same letter twice in one day, the subjects range in no specific order (Acknowledgements, Response to Inquiry, Update to inquiry, Payoff, Resolution, Status Update), we get weekly phone calls with no new update but letting us know they need 2 more weeks, 2 more weeks, 2 more weeks. (See Wells Fargo Letter Tracking Document) . So what are my options here? They will not send us a bill, we can not refinance because they report this overdue, they claim the account went into default 1 Sep 2011 before the bankruptcy?? They claimed over the phone with the Credit company that the last payment was Oct 2012. Yeah right. The last 3 letters received this week on Monday says a resolution by maybe Dec 29th or Dec 30th, I am holding my breathe... What are my options, they are obviously caught in a mess with disobeying a Court Order and Charging off the account without merit. WellsFargoLetterTrackingSheet.xlsx redacted payments 2nd mortgage2016-12-23-091341.pdf REDACTED Chapter 13 Plan2016-12-23-092308.pdf
  5. All, thank you for your help in advance and if I've breached any etiquette of the forum, please let me know. Here are the current details on my car loan: Loan Balance: $10,927 Remaining Term: 54 months Current APR: 10.73% Monthly Payment: $255 From what little I understand about financing, this seems bad. I'd like to really clean up my credit so I signed up for Credit Karma to see an estimate of my credit score. According to Transunion, it's 606; according to VantageScore (with which I am unfamiliar), it's 654. I looked under the Recommendations tab in Credit Karma and they are advertising a loan refinance from Innovative Funding Services (IFS) with the following details: Loan Balance: $10,927 Remaining Term: 72 months Current APR: 7.49% Monthly Payment: $189 I don't really know if this is a good deal due to the extended term length. I also just did some simple math: on my current loan, I owe 54 more monthly payments of $255.52, which totals $13,798.08. If I take the new loan, I owe 72 monthly payments of $189, which totals $13,608, which is less than $200.00 less. I would think a lower APR would make a much more significant difference than that, so why is the difference so small? I also find it perplexing that I originally financed the amount of $13,495.53 and yet I will stay pay $13,798.08 over the next 54 months. However, I have already made 19 payments of $255.52. Does this mean I have been paying just the interest for the past 19 months? I am really fretting if that's the case. I clearly need to better understand how loans work, but in my desperation to buy a car after totaling my previous one, I foolishly did not pay enough attention to the paperwork. I vaguely remember getting a service plan and GAP insurance with the loan too. Thank you again for your assistance.
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