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Found 8 results

  1. I leased a 2015 Nissan Altima in 2015 with 77 miles on it. A few months after I bought the car I had a lapse in my insurance and during that time was involved in an accident, I was unable to drive the car anymore and was unable to afford to get the car fixed without the insurance. Eventually, the car was repossessed and I moved on. Shortly after they sent me a letter stating that I owed $26,913 on the car, this is also reported on my credit. I am now (4 years later) trying to buy my first home, but having this on my credit is really hurting my chances. Does anyone have any experience with Nissan? Has anyone had anything similar? I am looking to see if there is something I can do to help me get past this. It is currently reported on my credit as a charge off but the amount owed is what is hurting my chances for buying because it is still showing as an "Active care payment" according to the lender I am working with. Please if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
  2. Ok so, due to being ignored by the bureaus, i have sent my 3rd letter to all 3 bureaus warning them that i will be sending a formal complaint to the FTC, however i have never gotten this far. Can someone please assist me in writing a letter to the FTC about this.
  3. Excuse me as I am shaking as I write this. As many know I have been rebuilding for 4 months, my scores have gone from 550s to mid 600s across the board (FICO 8s),... I had MULTIPLE COLLECTIONS deleted, charge off from First Premier, and baddies. As of this morning, my last baddies were a Capital One CO from 2013 (only 2.5 years old, likely killing my score) and 3- 30 day lates for student loans in dispute from 12 months ago. I GWed Cap One for weeks, and got contstant denials ... UNTIL THIS AFTERNOON at 2pm. I kept getting the generic BS of "We can not delete inaccurate information blah blah blah" ... so I demanded a call from a true EXECUTIVE, as I have friends who have gotten GW deletions with Capone -- I even mentioned consumer discrimination in my letter. As of 2pm, I got a call from a to execuitve with the APPROVAL TO DELETE THE CHARGE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have electronically notified the 3 bureaus and are faxing me a letter of proof tomorrow! THIS IS MY LAST BIG BADDIE, FOR REAL!!!! GONE! CAPITAL ONE!!!!!! My scores today are: EXP 644 EQ 637 TU 662 .... After this deletion, especially it being my last baddie I am expecting either a rebucketing which will make me cry LOL, or a HUGE SCORE BOOST!!!!! TU may easily get over 700!!!! My reports are clean with UTIL at 30%, AAofA 6.7 years, oldest 13 years, and only the 30 day lates in dispute left!!!!!! IT CAN BE DONE PEOPLE!!! IT CAN BE DONE I will rpeort back tomorrow if it deletes overnight which it usually does, with scores -- if not, I will call my contacts at the 3 burueaus to manually delete with the letter. I cant believe this, I really cant. FIGHT until you get it done - THANK YOU SO MUCH to all fo you on here, I am in the HOME STRETCH!!!!!
  4. I have used the maximum amount of credit card limits if that makes sense. I have not maxed out each credit card but I have the maximum amount of credit limit allowed when you add them up apparently. My question is: I just payed off a credit card that had an $8000 limit. Will this help open up some credit that I can use. For instance I am now getting denied for credit card applications since I am "at my max" but will paying off the $8000 limit credit card help me? Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hey all. I'm in a bit of a predicament. Let me start from the beginning: My daughter was born last February with an extremely rare skin condition. My mother agreed to help out by taking over my card payments. She didn't and waited until they threatened legal action to tell me. I called them and got the legal action dropped. Lesson learned, but now what? My credit rating is in shambles and I'm going to have to pay a ridiculous monthly payment to get back on track. My balance is almost $3,000 at this point and with a little one with a rare medical condition, I can't afford those kind of payments. So my question is: what's my best course of action that won't cost me an arm and a leg? Personal loan? Balance transfer to another card? I'm sure it'd be difficult to get either at this point, let alone anything that's not going to kill me with interest and fees. I can afford the typical monthly payments, but what they want me to pay now is going to be very, very difficult. I'd love to just nix the card I'm on at this point and start over, honestly. Thanks for your help.
  6. Hello all! Thanks in advance for any help. It's nice to find a public place like this to seek advice. I am curious how to best go about taking the next step in repairing my credit. Four years ago I went through a period of financial difficulty after closing my own business. I managed to settle a $2000 charge off with my debt collector thinking I was doing the right thing for my record. I now have this sizable black mark on my report I have been struggling to get out from under. I've had the good fortune in the ensuing years of learning a lot and becoming very gainfully employed. I opened a secured credit card with capital one and paid faithfully in the hopes of restoring my credit. I've now had this account in good standing for two years. Over the past year I've managed to raise my rating by 100 points by maintaing this account very carefully. If relevant, before the charge off four years ago I also had an auto loan paid in full over 3 years with no late payments. What's frustrating is I still seem to be unable to earn the trust of new creditors. I must admit that I'm a little sore that even my own bank, which can see my regular bi-weekly direct deposits, seems unwilling to extend even a higher interest card to help me establish more of a credit history. I have stressed to them in person that my desire to open an account is only to continue my efforts rehabilitating my credit, and I maintain a sizable deposit with said bank. Is this a common thing, to have present income and credit worthiness completely ignored in favor of older events? I ask because I am trying to determine if I have good cause to take my deposits elsewhere. What's more, I'd rather keep my good progress with my credit score and avoid further hits from hard inquiries if I'm just going to get denied in the future anyway. Would it make sense to wait for the older negative events to become even staler before applying for newer accounts? I was under the impression that adding to ones credit history is a good thing after restoring some good standing, but I could be mistaken. Has anyone encountered a similar situation? Thanks!
  7. Hello all, been reading hundreds of posts from this forum and it has been inspirational as well as educational. I am in need of some specific advice however. I have been pretty bad over the years with collections and finance. I even had a chapter 7 bankruptcy back in 2005. Well I have had a good job for 5 years now ($90,000 a year). Still wasn't th ebest at paying stupid things however. For instance I have broken leases, broken cell phone contracts, medical bills etc I had not paid. Well as of last month I have paid every debt I have other than my car payment. My scores last month were 500, 570, 580. After paying $10,000 of debt and collections my scores are 510, 576, 590 respectively. I really want to buy a house using my VA loan and no one will help me until I hit at least 580. My question is, what can be done to raise my score? I even opened a secured credit card. I gained less than 10 points by paying $10,000? What a joke. I am so frustrated and regret even paying. So what can I do? Please help! Sorry for long post and thank you so much for your time to respond...
  8. New to the thread - I've got 2 questions. After being an irresponsible idiot in my younger days, I'm really trying to clean my report up. I had 4 negative accounts, 3 smaller accounts listed in collections and a student loan I decided to stop paying years ago. As for the student loan, last week I settled with the collection agency hired by the bank that backed the loan. I paid half and they will have it listed as settled in full (wasn't getting a PFD or anything else for that). The thing is, it's also listed 3 or 4 separate times on my credit report as charged off, filed with gov't, etc. This is with AES/NCT, things like that. How do I go about getting the other listings removed? Do having those listed affect my credit score? Just wondering because if I paid to have this settled (had to, since it was a student loan) should I still be getting dinged for the same thing by multiple other negative listings? Also, I had three other small debts in collections. I sent them letters offering payment for deletion from the 3 CR agencies (used form letters I found online - not accepting it's my debt, but offering payment if I got written agreement, etc.). I got a call from one of them today that they wouldn't PFD or even put paid in full but would take a smaller payment and put settled in full. I even offered to pay the full amount for deletion but they won't accept that. It seems they would rather take less money and give me a settled in full than full payment for a PFD. I asked for a number to the original creditor (Best Fitness). She said she'd give it to me, but I'd just be routed back to her since they were the collection agency in charge of Best's debt. I found it odd that they'd settle for less than full but wouldn't PFD if I gave the whole amount. Any suggestions here? I told her I'd have to consider my options and call back next week. Side note - this was regarding a contract I thought I had terminated but apparently had not completed the termination. Finally, does speaking about these debts restart any clock or anything, or will they still fall off 7 years after original delinquency? Thanks again for any input. Additional info - Any way I can write to the CRs to get the other related listings deleted? Is there some sort of form letter I could use? Should this be a dispute? Unsure of how that would work. Thanks again for your input. The three small ones - Best Fitness now with NH/NE $800 - Last August of '09. She seemed to be willing to take $500 for settlement but not the $800 for PFD Asset Acceptance - $239. Debt originally from an Express credit card. Something like 4 years ago. EOS/CCA - $135. Originally from AT&T. About 5 years old. They're definitely all valid debts. I'd like to get them off and not wait the seven years. I've managed to save up about a thousand bucks so I have the cash on hand to pay them all off. How do I fight Best Fitness? What do you think I should do to get them to pay for delete? I think it's insane, why would they take less? They were very adamant about how they would not PFD. Said that if I called Best they'd just route me back to her. I really have no idea what to do with these. I don't want to ask any friends for advice, it's pretty embarrassing and a lawyer seems pointless for the amount I have outstanding.
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