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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Everyone, I really need help. I am 27 years old and a self-employed and my income was $165K+ a year. The business went bad and I had to file bankruptcy for my LLC. I closed the company and lost all my saving, I had to get a car and purchased a car from Carmax after my bankruptcy.( It was not so logical,I realized this but had to have car)I never thought I wouldn't able to pay. I got my loan on May 2015 , The amount was everything included $43,000 , I paid since March 2015 which is 1 year 7 months of $830 a month payment($15,770) I am behind my payment last 4 months. Their system shows I still owe them $38,000 I started another LLC with a partner and started a business ,I can't make money now. I mostly invest everything I make. My wife makes 120K a year for this reason I can't file personal bankruptcy.( I don't want anything from my wife, This is my responsibility and I have to face with the circumstances) My car worth $24,000 and I owe $38,000 , . I won't be able to pay a amount like that of course. I don't have anything ,No saving , no house, just my new LLC company which is not generate enough. I am only able to pay my phone and groceries. My questions are , if they repo the car and the deficiency is $20K and they sue me for this amount, what happens if I don't have anything and no income? I can't pay more than couple hundred dollars to them. Do they come after my LLC company? I get only $600-$1000 a month from my company now. What they can do to me? I am really in this situation now , I can't believe it. I see these as a really bad life experience , I truly hope , I will go thru all these and I will never have this kind of issues in my life. I started to work age of 20 since 20 years old , I take care of my family. I know I made many mistakes but I was so young and made wrong decisions. I will have better years, I will go thru all these and I will be successful again. I truly trust myself and pray for this everyday. I really need urgent advise , what should I do? What they can do to me? If I get sued my car max than what happens? If I don't have income and can't pay the deficiency than what is next? I will truly appreciate all your advise. Thank you so much.!
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