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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, I really wish I had come across this site sooner than my deadline (tomorrow) to respond to the interrogatories, production, and admissions because I would have been able to sift through more responses here. Would anyone be willing to review what I have answered (many from this site, thanks!) and help with some answers that I have left out? I lost some steam and ideas to respond with around #8. I've "beat" the rent a lawyer from this office once in small claims and had a case dismissed but this one is large enough to be in Civil Court and I don't want to shoot myself in
  2. I was recently served papers and am being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC. Please help! I cannot afford an attorney & Any help on how to respond would be greatly appreciated! They have sent me a 1-11 request for admissions as well as 1-5 First Set Of Interrogatories & 1-13 Request For Production. This is very overwhelming.
  3. Am new to this site, apology in advance if I am not initially following the "norm", am a quick learner. Have reviewed many threads for dealing with Portfolio Recovery with Forster garbus and garbus, regarding JDB tactics. Received complaint from Portfolio last month. Following many on this site, I responded to the complaint with denials as PRA has provided nothing to substantiate debt nor agreement with debtor. Court date is schedule in October 2016. This week received request for admissions as well as First Set of Interroggatories. Not surprisingly, many of the lines used are repea
  4. (Initially, I posted this in another thread, below is what I posted there) Facts: my case is limited - under $25k, I already had my CMC, they sent me their discovery but I overlooked it and I am now past my 30 days (at about 50 days). I was just served a second time with a copy of the original discovery packet along with a cover letter that states the following: "Under section 2033.280(b), Defendant waived their right to object to any of the requests we propounded on behalf of our client. Accordingly, we now demand that they serve us with their response to request for admissions
  5. Hello Everyone I firstly wanted to say THANK YOU ALL for this amazing forum. Because of you guys I now have the knowledge to take on these jerks! I'm in the discovery phase of my case, and I wanted to check with you all on the wording of my documents and also get help with being 'disrespectfully respectful' in my interrogatories haha. This is actually the second time PRA is suing me for the same debt, which I wasn't sure they could do because of res judica. But because they just sell it to other JDB's apparently the cycle can just continue on and on. Blehhhhh. So in my answer
  6. Hello All, I am in the process of responding to a request for admissions and one of the requests is: Admit that you never sent a written dispute if any billing statement within sixty (60) days of receiving that billing statement. I actually did send a letter denying the debt was valid (because I thought it was included in my BK and I still have a copy of it) but I am worried that answering "DENY" will be considered an admission of guilt. Can anyone give me advice on this?
  7. I was hoping to get some help. I have been on this forum for 10+ years reading how you wonderful people help others. It is inspiring. Now I need some help and hope you can get me through this. I am getting sued in NJ for $4078.01 on a defaulted car loan. When this collector first tried to collect, I sent a debt validation letter in March of 2014. They responded to that more than 1 year later with an account payment history, included with a motion to sue. I answered the suit and received a card from the court that scheduled a non-jury trial for 6-22-15 at 9am. Not sure what to do next
  8. Would someone be kind enough to help me in answering the following (received after I responded to the summons admitting only to my name and county residence): CACH,LLC, Plaintiff, vs Defendant( s). PLAINTIFF'S FIRST SET OF INTERROGATORIES To: me, Defendant(s). Pursuant to Rule 1.340 of the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, you are to answer the attached interrogatories separately, fully, in writing, and under oath. You should deliver a true copy of your answers to the undersigned attorney within thirty days af
  9. Hello all. First off; I just want to say that what you people do here is really great. Thank you. I am being sued by Midland Funding. I answered the complaint. Now they have sent me a "request for admissions" and "interrogatories". So much information out there- even on this site. Thought that since my case was unique, I would post questions and see if I could get some help. I do not remember this alleged debt, and am positive it did not occur within the last 5 years. In my response to the complaint, I denied everything (except that I was a legal entity). At the end of the answer I listed
  10. Hi All, As I'm starting to get familiar with the California CCP and came across this: No request for admission may contain subparts, or a compound, conjunctive or disjunctive question. SeeCode of Civil ProcedureĀ§ 2033.060 So I believe this means if I see the words "and", "or", I can object to these grounds correct? Example of one of the Request for Admissions: You applied for and opened a credit card account with BANK OF AMERICA/FIA CARD SERVICES. Is this violating CCP 2030.060? And how can I word out the objections to this? Hope someone is online to respond please. Looking to s
  11. I need to send this in a few days. Please provide suggestions and feedback. Thanks for your time. 1. Admit or deny you had a credit card account with Citi. ADMIT or DENY: DENY - No such written agreement has been appended to the request, therefore defendant must deny. 2. Admit or deny you received a copy of the terms for the credit account. ADMIT or DENY: DENIED 3. Admit that under the terms of the Account, you agreed to pay for the credit balance on the account. ADMIT or DENY: DENY - No such written agreement has been appended to the request, therefore defendant must de
  12. Trying to understand how to respond to interogatoies request for admissions and production in a fcra credit pull case Some of the request seem redundant not asking for actual damages in case not requesting experts for a credit pull case also i think asking for my credit report is not required, since thats what i am suing about asking about jail or prison records and questions is irrelavant to case Exhibit A i never recieved in mail recieved thru email from attorney a piece of mail they say was sent 2 years ago Exhibit B was recieved thru email in a response to a intent to sue letter DEFI
  13. I am being sued by Asset Recovery Group in California. I filed the Answer/General Denial. I filed a demand for BOP. Plaintiff produced response that shows the 1st & last page only for every statement- meaning there was no info about line item charges- only the first and last pages to statements. Plaintiff propounded discovery and I responded. I am now ready to propound discovery on Plaintiffs, and NEED A SAMPLE OF 'REQUEST FOR ADMISSIONS'. Can anyone help? I did a search on the forum but did not find any. Here are some RFA that I have so far from doing some research. 1.Admi
  14. Today I received the Plaintiff's discovery requests and looking for input on how to answer. Apologize in advance for length. Copied exactly as they wrote it up. Plaintiff is CACH. Complaint can be found here. INTERROGATORIES AND REQUEST FOR PRODUCTION PROPOUNDED TO THE DEFENDANT INTERROGATORIES AND REQUEST FOR PRODUCTION INTERROGATORY NO. 1: Please state the Defendantā€™s current address, telephone number, social security number, place of employment, and banking affiliations. Please include the address and telephone number of employer and banking affiliation. INTERROGATORY NO. 2: In
  15. I am working on the Request for Admissions to serve on a JDB (LA county - CA)... There are so many things I think should be added to this, but while I want to cover all issues, I want to save for other discovery (prod of docs and interrogatories). Hope that some of you more experienced individuals can provide me input on my requests below as well as provide other suggestions. Thank you in advance for your help. 1. Admit you have no personal knowledge of the method or manner of the record-keeping practices of the original creditor of the debt that is the basis of this action. 2. Admi