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Found 4 results

  1. So I was getting calls from scammers for awhile but as of the last few months, maybe 4 to 5 months, they’ve stopped. Just yesterday I got a voicemail from a woman. I have copied the voicemail from the transcription so some of the words may be off but it gets the point across I think. “this is Tosha Brown I'm contacting you regarding your pending claim being filed I do have to make you aware once claim number (number omitted) is completed it will become a matter of public record and there will be an order of location issued for you requiring a signature on your behalf since I was unable to reach you by phone today and I've been instructed to contact your employer as it does seem like this can be the next possible place of location for you. now you have a legal right to contact the office thats handling your claim once your claim is officially filed all other options are to be forfeit. the number provided on the paperwork to contact them is 833-734-2881 you are being notified by telephone and you will be located unless contacted otherwise.” They apparently called 2 of my friends (past roommates) as well, saying it was Enterprise and they gave them the same claim number. Like I said, I’ve dealt plenty with scammers and if I had just gotten the voicemail not followed by my two friends calling claiming they were contacted as well? I would’ve ignored and written it off immediately as a scam. But they’ve never contacted anyone else I knew before so it’s different. I’ve gotten advice from many intelligent individuals here before so I thought no harm in asking again. Thanks
  2. Hello. I am in need of some advice. I have received several harassing phone calls from a so called "legal office". The caller (of which may be a pre-recorded voice) states that legal papers have been filed against me. The caller always states that I must return their call "today" (no matter which time they called, it is always today) and that if I don't call them back that someone will come to my house or my work today. The caller seems to know my address and the name of my employer, but they never leave a name for their company. The number that shows up on my caller id is always a local number, but the number they give me to call them back is an 844 number. The caller always ends the call with the line "and you have now been legally notified". This smells like a scam to me, but I am tired of these harassing phone calls. They even called my Mother-in-law once looking for me with the same information. I need some advice on how to stop these calls and handle this situation.
  3. Guest

    National Credit Systems

    Background: In 2012, I leased a unit with an apartment complex in Mesa, Arizona. I was on the lease with two others). About 6 months into that contract, I terminated it early because I signed up for the U.S. Navy and I was heading to boot camp. All paperwork was finalized and I was officially taken off the lease. Four years later, I'm currently on deployment and am attempting to have an apartment set up for my return but I'm being denied because of a collection alert from National Credit Systems from the apartment I had leased back in 2012. I'm in a completely different time zone so i'm not able to get ahold of them at the moment but I would like to see if anyone has any information about this company? I'm reading a lot of bad reviews online and i'm worried it's a scam? The status states that it's closed and the balance is zero but this new apartment complex will not rent to me so I'm not sure what my next step should be. Please help! As a side note, in case it's relevant info, I currently live in San Diego.
  4. Today I received a call from someone threatening to serve me at my residence (lock up large dogs and put away weapons) or my place of employment, with a number to call with a claim number. I first goofed the number that called me which happens to be near the county jail. I then called the number provided to me in the message, First Source Private Investigators is the supposed company name. After sitting on hold for 4 minutes, someone looked up my claim number. He told me that they had subpoenaed my bank records because of a bad payday loan and found that I had several loans that were defaulted on and then my account was closed and that fraud is suspected. I explained that my account had been closed because I was a victim of ID theft during the time he claimed I had all these loans and then asked how he was able to subpoena my bank records. Long story short he said he can subpoena any records to a pertinent court case. I told him I had no court case and he said I do and a judgement had been entered against me already and a bodily attachment warrant was issued for my arrest. Now, with my previous theft experience I am very aware of fake payday loan collection scams. However, I did default on one loan years ago, and am concerned that these people keep catching up with me and have my information. My concern is that I've not seen this two part scam before and have never been told about this bodily attachment warrant. Does anyone have experience with a similar situation or with this First Source PI? Nothing shows for the number in a Google search. I'm trying to fix my credit so don't want any issues, I'm also llooking for a job and don't know if any consumer reporting can be affected by these scams. Thanks!
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