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Found 1 result

  1. Hi from a newbie who luckily found this board! After reading sooo much for hours over the entire holiday weekend, I am still floundering on what to do- although I certainly have more of a clue than before I found it! I only have three days to file all of my responses, and I am certainly panicking! Here is a summary of my situation: I was summoned to court for a debt less than 5k from a JDB claiming they purchased the debt (HSB) in Mass in 2008 from an account supposedly entered in 2005. JDB requesting relief in amount of about 4300. I responded to the court & the jdb that: 1/ the debt was not valid & 2/ to provide the original signed agreement w/balance on account from 0-present. Instead I received a notice of case management conference. I appeared the attorney was late and it was rescheduled. Two days before this date (and received when I got home from court), JDB sent Things to Be Produced & Interrogatories, Requests for Admissions, as well as an agreement for judgment addressed to the court. In the new set of papers and in the request for judgement, they now say I owe almost 7000! What happened to 4300? I don't get it. The only "proof" they have is my name and address and the last four of an account number with HSB. I had an account with HSB previous to the date they give, with different last four of number. I want to go to arbitration and don't know if I can use the terms & conditions of the HSB account that I do have information on (account number, agreement) that which differs from what they propose. However, I am pretty certain this account was written off and is for the year before their "on or about" statement. I am so lost and my questions on the following, if anyone would be so kind to offer any advice? #1) can I object due to the fact that they have not verified the debt that asked for in my response? #2) can I object due to the conflicting #'s they presented in their summons & in the agreement for judgment & Request for Admissions? #3) can I use my credit card agreement to force arbitration, even though the date and last four of account number are different? If so what steps might be suggested I take??? Any help would be great, and I will keep reading all of these forums. I know that I want to send/file an opposition to plaintiff's motion for summary judgment, but I want to certainly include key points in--perhaps an ammended answer to the court so that I can force arb. Thoughts, anyone? Thanks to anyone who may offer advice. (edit) okay, I realize that my "answer" was a too late to do anything request for verification so nix #1 Q!