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Found 4 results

  1. Hello All, I am looking for some help. I was recently sued and I don't know what to do. I'm trying to stay calm, but I am internally freaking out. If you one can provide any details, I would greatly appreciate. I'm interested in the arbitration path, but I'm not sure if that will help me or hurt me. Below are the details of my situations. I currently live in GA and I'm recovering college graduate. I don't have any money to spare, but I also don't want a judgement on my public record. Please Help Me! 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Velocity Investments LLC 2. What is the name of the law firm handling the suit? (should be listed at the top of the complaint.) Ragan & Ragan 3. How much are you being sued for? Under $4K 4. Who is the original creditor? (if not the Plaintiff) Lending Club, maybe Web Bank 5. How do you know you are being sued? (You were served, right?) Served in person 6. How were you served? (Mail, In person, Notice on door) In person 7. Was the service legal as required by your state? yes Process Service Requirements by State - Summons Complaint 8. What was your correspondence (if any) with the people suing you before you think you were being sued? nothing 9. What state and county do you live in? Georgia, Dekalb Conty 10. When is the last time you paid on this account? (looking to establish if you are outside of the statute of limitations) August 2016 11. What is the SOL on the debt? To find out: 6 yrs Statute of Limitations on Debts 12. What is the status of your case? Suit served? Motions filed? You can find this by a) calling the court or looking it up online (many states have this information posted - when you find the online court site, search by case number or your name). Suit served. Must file answer within 30 days. 13. Have you disputed the debt with the credit bureaus (both the original creditor and the collection agency?) No 14. Did you request debt validation before the suit was filed? Note: if you haven't sent a debt validation request, don't bother doing this now - it's too late. No 15. How long do you have to respond to the suit? 30 days. (This should be in your paperwork). If you don't respond to the lawsuit notice you will lose automatically. In 99% of the cases, they will require you to answer the summons, and each point they are claiming. We need to know what the "charges" are. Please post what they are claiming. Defendant is a resident of this county and is subject to the jurisdiction of this court Defendant resides and may be served at 'insert my address' Defendant executed a electronic transaction entering a loan agreement, identified as 'account' with Web Bank. This was serviced by LendingClub Corporation Defendant received the load proceeds Defendant breached the loan agreement by failing to pay as agreed and left a balance Webbank has transferred all their rights, title, and interest in this loan account to lending club Plaintiff purchased the loan agreement and received written agreement of the debt at issue in this action Despite demand by Plaintiff, Defendant has failed to pay amount due on the loan amount Defendant is liable to Plaintiff for the sum of $XXXX.XX in principal, $XXX.XX in interest and fees, and costs of action Did you receive an interrogatory (questionnaire) regarding the lawsuit? No. Here is an example of what the summons/complaint may look like: Sued by a Debt Collector - Learn How to Fight Debt Lawsuits 16. What evidence did they send with the summons? An affidavit? Statements from the OC? Contract? List anything else they attached as exhibits. Loan Agreement printed offline, Loan Disclosure printed off line, Certification of Loan Sale, Bill of Sale, two spreadsheets w/ principal, interest, payment breakdown and payment history
  2. Hello everyone, This is my second time around. And I need your help. You see, I'm being sued for two credit card debts. One for Citi and another for Tj Maxx. I called the law firm that is taking on both cases. But as I'm reading the reviews they will go after me even if I negotiated with them. They'll still have the courts continue with a judgment. So I'm here begging to please help me write a response. Any advice would be well appreciated. I also have the copies of the contract the law firm sent. Should I attach it to my response as prove? If you have any questions please let me know. I plan on stating the details on the contract both of us discussed and the date and time, phone # I called and who I spoke to. I also certified the letters in which the contracts were sent back to the firm. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello Forum Members, I have been summoned by Original Credit (First National Bank) to appear in court. The option given to me is to file for written appearance and failure to do this will result in default judgement. I was hoping that there was a lawyer here that I can consult with. Please let me know if you know of anyone in Chicago. THANK YOU
  4. Hi everyone, I received a summon at my parents house and i didn't sign for it. I don't live at that address for over 3 years already. But my dad signed for it without knowing what was it for. I have the papers now, but with only a few days to respond. How should i elaborate the respond letter to avoid any judgement? The debt is for $6K. Any professional advice is appreciated or if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance!
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