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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I hope I am in the right forum. I am currently unemployed and I REALLY need some help regarding my issue. I am currently located in Dallas, TX (Dallas County). I received two letters in the mail today from two local attorneys. The first letter is from Rausch Sturm and the second letter is from Heston Law Firm LLC. The letter from Rausch Sturm has my name, the Creditor (Portfolio Recovery Associates), case# filed with the Dallas Co. court (precinct 1), account balance ($2,954.47) and account #. The letter from RS is dated September 16, 2019. Briefly, the letter says: "Dear <my name>: If you have any concerns regarding the resolution of your account, please let us know by calling......We want to understand your situation and work with you to agree on a reasonable payment arrangement to resolve your account." The back of the letter has the firm's contact info and the amounts needed to setup a payment arrangement. The letter from Rausch Sturm has my name, a Case # filed with the Dallas Co. court (precinct 1), account balance and account #. The letter is dated September 16, 2019. The second letter from Heston states the following: "We learned from the Dallas County Clerk's office that Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC filed a lawsuit against you on 8/26/2019 for an unpaid debt. We want to help you with the lawsuit. Over 95% of our clients never appear in court......" I called the court this morning and a lawsuit was filed, but I cannot see it online. I logged into credit karma and the original creditor is Comenity Bank, account may have been opened around 2014/2015. The statue of limitations in Texas is 4 years. As of right now, I have not been served. I didn't know a lawsuit was filed in the court until today. I have no info regarding a court date or any other court details. Should I seek free legal aid regarding this issue? As stated, I am currently unemployed and looking for a job. There's an option for a low monthly payment plan in the letter, but funds are VERY tight right now. I would hate to have to borrow money from family members because they have their financial obligations also. But, I haven't been served yet so I wanted to be proactive and figure out what my options are at this point. Any assistance would be helpful. ,
  2. Never been sued before and I read a post that said I should start my own post so that the details are specific to me. I was served notice today and it says i am being sued. It also states I have 14 days to respond to the Justice Court. 1)plaintiff " Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC ASSIGNEE OF CITIBANK, N.A. (The Home Depot) 2)Rausch, Strum, Israel, Enerson, & Hornik, LLC 3) a little less than $5 k 4) Home Depot 5) Served by person 6) I assume it is a "legal" service 7)no communication 8) Tx (prefer not to mention county to remain private unless absolutely needed) 9) Oct 2012 10) SOL 4 years 11) 14 day response time 12) no request for validation...didn't know about this company 13) only has petition with A. PArties B. Jurisdiction C. Venue D. Facts E. Count 1 " breach of contract" F. Count 2 Account Stated "Plaintiff is entitled to recover on an account stated in a claim because (1) transactions between the plaintiff and defendant(s) gave rise to the indebtedness (2) there existed an agreement between plaintiff and defendant(s) which established the amount due plaintiff, and (3) the defendant(s) promised to pay the plaintiff on the indebtedness. G. Damages (asking for the amount) h. Condition Precedent "all conditions precedent to the plaintiff's claim for relief have been performed or have occurred. I. Miscellany "The undersigned attorneys hereby give notice that they and plaintiff are attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Plaintiff's attorneys are debt collectors. j. Prayer asking for damages, court costs, and any other relief entitled
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