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Found 3 results

  1. i have a very old utility collection that is on my credit report (found out while applying for a mortgage, not fun) in the amount of $295. i have zero problems paying it but the collections agent said they do not provide a letter of deletion and that i would merely receive a receipt for my payment. keep in mind the collection agency only works for the utility company. after speaking with a supervisor, she explained that paying in full will "delete the trade line" and she said yes it will remove the negative item from the credit report. is this true?
  2. Hi everyone, and happy Wednesday to you all. Well, after burying my head in the sand for so long, I'm finally taking steps to try to address some old charged-off accounts currently in collection (none are past SOL, btw). Since it's been several months since the CAs for these first sent me correspondence, so I've obviously missed the window for DV (live and learn). All of the negative tradelines on my CR are OC entries, which I'm assuming means that the CAs are either assigned or else haven't reported. My plan for addressing things is to try to arrange a pay-for-delete on these accounts or, barring that, at least get an NDA agreement so that I can later dispute the tradelines with the Big Three and have them removed (since the NDA will prevent the OCs or CAs from verifying the accounts with the CRAs). So my question is, who do I approach regarding pay-for-delete or settle with NDA? Since the accounts are listed as charged off by the OC, I'm assuming that they won't want to deal with me. On the flip side, the CAs may want to work with me, but do they have any ability to have tradelines that were listed by the OC removed? It doesn't seem like they would. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I'd like to get the process moving ASAP (like today), because I'm currently being sued on another account that I waited on too long because I didn't know what to do. Lesson learned! Thank you all so very much!
  3. I've been going through this saga of trying to clean up my credit report and many thanks for the responses I have gotten. So there are a few tradelines on my credit reports regarding one student loan that I had defaulted on. Going back through my school records, I took it out in the period ending June of 2005. If I never paid that one (just took care of it a few months ago because I know they can sue for that forever) would it most likely be past the 7 year reporting period at this point? It is reported a few times under AES/NCT, National Collegiate Trust, and Citizen's Bank. They all list different dates, 2007, 2008, etc. However, from what I have read, if I originally defaulted on it in or around the middle of 2005 wouldn't ALL of the tradelines related to it be invalid at this time? Thank you for clarification on this.
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