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Found 2 results

  1. So I was getting calls from scammers for awhile but as of the last few months, maybe 4 to 5 months, they’ve stopped. Just yesterday I got a voicemail from a woman. I have copied the voicemail from the transcription so some of the words may be off but it gets the point across I think. “this is Tosha Brown I'm contacting you regarding your pending claim being filed I do have to make you aware once claim number (number omitted) is completed it will become a matter of public record and there will be an order of location issued for you requiring a signature on your behalf since I was unable to reach you by phone today and I've been instructed to contact your employer as it does seem like this can be the next possible place of location for you. now you have a legal right to contact the office thats handling your claim once your claim is officially filed all other options are to be forfeit. the number provided on the paperwork to contact them is 833-734-2881 you are being notified by telephone and you will be located unless contacted otherwise.” They apparently called 2 of my friends (past roommates) as well, saying it was Enterprise and they gave them the same claim number. Like I said, I’ve dealt plenty with scammers and if I had just gotten the voicemail not followed by my two friends calling claiming they were contacted as well? I would’ve ignored and written it off immediately as a scam. But they’ve never contacted anyone else I knew before so it’s different. I’ve gotten advice from many intelligent individuals here before so I thought no harm in asking again. Thanks
  2. So I received a voicemail yesterday around 2 o’clock and again today around 11 both from a No Caller ID. Both went to voicemail and left very similar messages. I didn’t think much of the first as I’ve gotten somewhat similar calls in the past and deleted the voicemail. But the one today went something like this. “This message is for [my name] this is Erica Scott contacting you again in reference to the certified documentation that requires your signature. [My name] I have failed to receive a stop action notice from the filing party regarding your paperwork so unless I receive a stop action please make sure you will be available to sign for your paperwork either at your residence or place of employment by tomorrow.” They did leave a supposed number for the filing party but I looked it up and got nothing back on numerous websites. Other than the name provided there was no other reference to what it was about, who they were or who this “filing party” is. Is this a scam? It sounds like one. I haven’t received anything in the mail referring to any kind of debts or legal matters. I also checked courts.mo.gov for anything filed against me and nothing. I have yet to fall for any phone scams as I have taken it upon myself to never believe them and just simply never answer the calls and never call them back. Only real difference is most of the time they don’t leave as long of voicemails as this and the call came up as No Caller ID. I can usually trust my instincts comfortably but I also can usually look up the number that called and see a list of scam reports for some extra peace of mind. Thanks in advance.
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