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Found 7 results

  1. Have you experienced any problems with you student loans from Navient? Were you ever not notified of loans going into default? Did any of your loans go into default without being notified and now your wages are being garnished and you can't get any answers or solutions? Are you getting the run around from Navient and Pioneer Credit Recovery Inc? Did any of your loans from United Student Aid Funds get transferred to Navient or Great Lakes and now none of them are claiming to own your loans and some collection agency is aggressively going after you to collect? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then please read on. What I do know is that USA Funds (United Student Aid Funds) have changed their name and longer service student loans. They transferred federal loans to Great Lakes. The problem i'm encountering is that Great Lakes told me they had two of my federal loans for a short time but transferred it back to Navient. Navient tells me that they are speaking on behalf of USA Funds, but can't do any modifications or changes to the defaulted loans because they are not the original guarantor . Pioneer Credit Recovery says only USA Funds can change or withdraw the garnishment (do you see the problem?) No one is claiming to own my two federal loans that went into default. No wonder why I was never notified. Now, I have heard from Navient saying they do not have my defaulted federal loans and I should contact Great Lakes. But Great Lakes say they too do not own the loans (like chasing a ghost). When I contact Pioneer, I let them know that USA Funds apparently do not exist and should null the garnishment order immediately, they declined and said they are going off their contract. I let them know since USA Funds no longer exists their contract is invalid and illegal (the whole conversation has been recorded) They didn't seem to care. The really interesting research I did, is that both companies are currently being sued by several attorney generals and the CFPB. And the really interesting part is that both companies are connected (several board members on Pioneer are also board members on Navient). I too currently have complaints in on both companies with the: BBB, CFPB, US dept of Ed, Illinois AG, Washington AG, New York AG. I am asking you that if you answered yes to any of the question above, PLEASE take the time and respond to this post. I think these two companies are starting a new scheme and should be stopped immediately. If there are enough responses and others that are experiencing the same problem, I WILL try my best to start a Class Action. Also, please post this forum on any social media account to help get the word out. Also, just in case someone or some company has this blog taken down and as long as the owner of this site allows, send me a PM or email me your contact info (Name and contact method only) in case this does go to court, I will be able to keep you updated. My email is
  2. Hi All, I went into work and got a notice from my payroll that my wages are being garnished via Unifund with the help of Kenosian and Miele. I did search the forums and read some threads on Unifund/KenosianMiele but nothing specific to wage garnishment. The debt is from 2006/07, court case is from 2013, I was never personally served but I think my parents received it through FedEx--at that time I was away at college. In the past few months my phone was blowing up with robot debt collectors, all claiming to be from a "firm" regarding an "urgent" matter. I answered one of these calls and when I asked for specifics like account # or last time card was charged they couldn't provide any information other than my address; so I thought the calls were bogus. I didnt think anything of it since it was clear they didnt have much information but when reviewing the EWO, the debt was exactly what the collector claimed over the phone, and now my wages are being garnished next month. I wanted to see if there is anything I could do? I've read other posts talking about filing a motion to vacate default judgment or just calling up Unifund to work something out? I've included the court case details that i obtained from the San Bernardino county website. I have a copy of the suit but not sure which parts to post or if i'm able to do anything about it. Any advice is greatly appreciated! BTW, The closest forum I found to my issue was below, but let me know if there is a better thread:
  3. Under the SOL in California which is 4 years. Is this wage garnishment file against me is legit? Here's the information I found online LA Court regarding my case from Moore Law Group (that I owed them money which is not) . With Discover Card yes. But When I asked them to give me the paper works and the judgment from court for wage garnishment. Until now I haven't received any paperworks from them when I call them about 2 wks ago. And their office location was in Orange County. I already received the wage garnishment from my employer (which im only a contractor to begin with). Do they have the right to garnish my wage? What is the meaning of Status "DISPOSED". Is Moore Law Group have a licensed as a collector to file a case against me. They are DEBT Buyers. They can't provided any single information about my credit history with Discover Card. PLEASE ADVISE. Party Information Court: Chatsworth Courthouse Filing Date: 06/06/2012 Case Type: COLLECTIONS CASE (Limited Jurisdiction) Status: Disposed Histories (Dates listed in descending order) 03/16/2017 WRIT OF EXECUTION ISSUED TO LA COUNTY 02/16/2017 DECLARATION RE: ACCRUED INTEREST IN THE AMOUNT OF $0427.80 02/16/2017 MEMORANDUM OF ACCRUED COSTS IN THE AMOUNT OF $0050.00 02/16/2017 PARTIAL SATISFACTION IN THE AMOUNT OF $0000.00 01/24/2017 ABSTRACT OF JUDGMENT 10/09/2015 ABSTRACT OF JUDGMENT 07/08/2015 NOTICE OF ENTRY OF JUDGMENT NOTICE OF ENTRY OF JUDGMENT 06/30/2015 HEARING DELETED - OFF CALENDAR 06/30/2015 RESTORED CASE 06/30/2015 CLERK'S NOTICE OF ENTRY OF JUDGMENT FILED AND MAILED 06/29/2015 REQUEST FOR DISMISSAL WITHOUT PREJUDICE AS TO DOES DEFENDANT 1-10 REQUEST FOR DISMISSAL WITHOUT PREJUDICE AS TO DOES DEFENDANT 1-10 ONLY. 06/29/2015 JUDGMENT SIGNED AND FILED BY GRACIELA L. FREIXES JUDGE. JUDGMENT SIGNED AND FILED BY GRACIELA L. FREIXES JUDGE. 06/29/2015 STIPULATION JUDGMENT 06/25/2015 WRITTEN STIPULATION FOR JUDGMENT FILE 06/25/2015 DECLARATION IN SUPPORT OF ENTRY OF JUDGMENT PURSUANT TO STIPULATION. DECLARATION IN SUPPORT OF ENTRY OF JUDGMENT PURSUANT TO STIPULATION. 06/25/2015 $225.OO FIRST PAPER FEES PAID BY PLAINTIFF ON BEHALF OF DEFENDANT BY $225.OO FIRST PAPER FEES PAID BY PLAINTIFF ON BEHALF OF DEFENDANT BY WAY OF STIPULATION ON RECEIPT #CHA535161008. 06/25/2015 $20.OO ORDER FEE PAID BY PLAINTIFF ON RECEIPT #CHA 535161009. $20.OO ORDER FEE PAID BY PLAINTIFF ON RECEIPT #CHA 535161009. 04/04/2013 NOTICE OF CASE REASSIGNMENT NOTICE OF CASE REASSIGNMENT 03/22/2013 EFFECTIVE 04/02/13 CASE REASSIGNED TO THE CHATSWORTH COURTHOUSE 03/22/2013 IN DEPT. F43 AT 8:30 A.M. FUTURE HEARING DATE(S) REMAIN THE SAME 12/10/2012 OSC CONTINUED TO 07/27/15 AT 08:30 AM IN DEPT 77 12/10/2012 OSC CONTINUED TO 07/27/15 AT 08:30 AM IN DEPT 77 11/09/2012 CASE MANAGEMENT STATEMENT FILED 10/29/2012 INACTIVE CASE 10/29/2012 NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF ENTIRE CASE FILED NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF ENTIRE CASE FILED 08/06/2012 DECLARATION OF NON SERVICE FILED. 07/16/2012 DECLARATION OF NON SERVICE FILED 06/07/2012 OSC SET 12/10/12, 0830 AM, DEPT. 77, NOTICE FILED & MAILED 06/06/2012 SUMMONS FILED 06/06/2012 COMPLAINT FILED - COLLECTION CASE Filing Fee: 225.00
  4. I filed BK chapter 7 as pro se and had my Meeting with Creditors today. Trustee told me that I might be able to claim a refund of wages garnished 90 days prior to the filing. Anyone know how to go about this? Do I just ask the garnishor for the money or do I have to sue?
  5. A judge granted me a money judgment this past year. The case resided in SD and the person that the judgment is against lives in IL. I'd like to place a levy on all bank accounts including the ones she has with Bank of America, as she has the money, but refuses to pay. How do I start such a levy of her bank accounts? I spoke to BoA. They provided me with the info how to serve them, but I would like to know which documents they need beside the judgment. Am I able to start wage garnishments or place a lien on her house without using a collection agency? Thank you!
  6. I had cancer when I was 20 and was on disability/SSI and almost died during this time. I had a small bill that my parents did not pay of $700(I had no income). Apparently worldwide asset purchasing opened a lawsuit for collections on this $700 when I was 23(2003). My mom signed for the paper when it was sent and I never knew about it. They didn't pursue anything however. I am now 35(2015) and out of nowhere they opened the case back up, sued me, and garnished my wages for $2000. Is this legal?? The statute of limitations is 6 years in NJ. I have a lawyer going after them for the violation of the FDCPA, but the judge wouldn't dismiss it for me based on statute of limitations because he said they are allowed to reopen that case from 2003 at any time? The judge said I could file a motion to vacate which would cost $25+ to it even worth it to try to win this or should I just let them garnish the $2000 and be done with it? It isn't even on my credit report.
  7. Somebody please help me! Today I received a packet from my employer saying that my wages are being garnished! The forms contained a paper stating the Levying officers name and address, which is the Sheriff's Dept in Inglewood. It also says the plaintiff is GCFS. It says the date the judgement was entered was 10/13/11. And the amount is $8586.23. I have NO CLUE WHAT THIS IS!!!!!!!!!!!! And honestly, I am freaking out! I cannot afford the $630 they want to take out of my check every two weeks! The paper also gave me a court case number, so I went onto the site that they listed and attempted to enter in the case #. There were more numbers in my case # than the site would allow me to type, so it did not recognize it. I honestly don't know what to do!!!! Can somebody please help me!