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Found 5 results

  1. I'm being sued by Discover. Im not sure about how to navigate this forum. I read to post in the "is there a lawyer in the house" but I don't know how you guys find that. If Im inthe wrong spot- please do let me know. Thanks! I sent in a request for arbitration with JAMS back in May. They ignored my request which is evidenced by the papers they had served to me yesterday. I elected arbitration because I need to buy time. I do not have funds to negotiate with I do not have an income. The reason for the "breach of contract" was a personal injury which is also in litigation. I wanted to buy
  2. Ok, I am nearing my deadline for filing my appelant's brief to which I have to attach a transcript relevant portion of judge's position from the hearing. Here is the transcript. Note the judge's position and his wilingness to argue on the behalf of the plaintiff. JUDGE: Cavalry SPV I LLC vs ME JUDGE: Now, this is a lawsuit against Ms. ME, case #XXXXXXX, the origin of the complaints was that there was monies due on her account for a credit card. And there was an alleged balance due XXXX, plus costs and fees associated thereto… you answered the complaint… and you made a general denial… okay
  3. I just received a Motion for Summary Judgement for Audit and Adjustment Company in King County here in Washington State. The MSJ is being filed under Rule 56. It looks like it was filed 9/19 and I just received it a couple of days ago in the mail. The date of the hearing is this Tuesday, 10/7. I was not served, and there is no complaint. The plaintiff was kind enough to send me a copy of rule 56. They have also attached some copies of what appear to be past statements and a declaration of assignor in support of plaintiff's MSJ. That was signed on 12/30/13 and looks like it was signed by
  4. Hi guys, first time here. I live in a small town in Washington and my resources here seem to be very limited. I've never been sued before but I received a summons yesterday for 3 different medical bills rolled into one, totally 298 dollars (can they even do that?). I called the collection agency (Armada), scared to death, and was ready to pay the 427 dollar bill that it had increased to. However the woman told me, since it was now filed with the court I also had to pay attornies fees and so forth, now totally 841 dollars (i'm pretty sure it doesn't cost $400 to file a complaint). I know i
  5. I was severed last saturday (Aug. 9th). I just found this form and have been reading as much as I can when I have time. I really don't have any knowledge about this kind of stuff so please let me know what kind of options I have, and what I should do next. From my reading I need to respond and file an "appearance" along with a filing an "answer to summons" What should these look like?? Thanks for any help. my questionnaire info. 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? Cavalry SPV I, LLC 2. What is the name of the law firm handling the suit? (should be listed at the top of the c