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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys, I hope somebody can answer my question. Few days ago I received a letter from a Non-profit 501©3 company claiming that a lawsuit was filed against me; they listed he case number. Indeed, after I checked the case number, a lawsuit by the Winn Law Group against me has been filed with the LA Superior court. Total amount ~ $7,100 So first question: how do they know that? Anyhow, when I checked the online "Case Summary" I found this: Case Summary Case Number: XXYYNN CAVALRY SPV I LLC VS. XXXXXXX ZZZZZZZ Court: Chatsworth CourthouseFiling Date: 08/12/2015 Case Type: COLLECTIONS CASE (Limited Jurisdiction) Status: PENDING Future Hearings 07/27/2018 at 08:30 AM in department F43 at 9425 Penfield Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311 OSC - 3.740 COLLECTIONS-DEFAULT JUDGMENT History Parties Plaintiff: CAVALRY SPV I LLC AS ASSIGNEE OF CITIBANK N A Attorney: WINN LAW GROUP, APC - JOHN E. GORDON Defendant: XXXXXXXX ZZZZZZZ Attorney: None Party Information Histories (Dates listed in descending order) 08/18/2015 OSC HEARING IS SET FOR 07/27/18 AT 08:30A M., IN DEPARTMENT F43 . ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE HEARING SIGNED AND FILED BY BENNY C. OSORIO, JUDGE TO SHOW WHY SANCTIONS SHOULD NOT BE IMPOSED FOR FAILURE TO FILE PROOF OF SERVICE AND FAILURE TO FILE DEFAULT JUDGMENT PURSUANT TO CRC 3.740. CERTIFICATE OF MAILING FILED. 08/18/2015 CASE FILE FORWARDED TO RECORDS RE: FILING 08/12/2015 COLLECTIONS CASE COMPLAINT FILED PURSUANT TO CRC 3.740. RN CHA505953021. 08/12/2015 SUMMONS ISSUED. 08/12/2015 SUMMONS FILED. However, what is a little bit strange to me is that I have not received yet any summons. Is this normal? Also, in the original note from the non-profit, they states that "you may have as little as 30 days from the filing date to respond, even if you think you have not been served properly". From my understanding, I have 30 days from the date I am served, not from the date of filing, isn't that right? Also, what does it mean "CERTIFICATE OF MAILING FILED"? If I have not received any summons, how am I supposed to know what's in the lawsuit??? In addition, could anybody help to translate this" SHOW WHY SANCTIONS SHOULD NOT BE IMPOSED FOR FAILURE TO FILE PROOF OF SERVICE AND FAILURE TO FILE DEFAULT JUDGMENT PURSUANT TO CRC 3.740." Thank everybody, I don't hide how concerned I am right now.
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