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Found 8 results

  1. Back in 2003 I had a falling out with Verizon Wireless, and I basically told them to F*** off, and refused to pay them. Boy was I stupid. Anyways, they posted the debt to my Credit Reports, and then gave the debt to Midland Credit Management. Both of those accounts on all three of my credit bureaus had a status of "this account is scheduled to continue on record until Dec 2011", and a balance of "$362". The date opened for the Verizon account was "12/2003", and the date opened for the Midland account was "03/2008". Both of those accounts are deleted from all of my reports. Yay me! Not so fast... In comes Jefferson Capital Systems. Date opened "06/2016". Balance: "$1,677.00". Scheduled to be on my credit report until March of 2020. Not only have they re-aged the date of first delinquency on a 13 YEAR OLD DEBT. They have exponentially increased the balance. The statute of limitations was up in 2010. Now, I want to sue these a$$holes. I don't just want to get this deleted. I want REVENGE. This was a blatant violation of the FDCPA and/or the FCRA. My question is this: How do I go about getting definitive evidence of this besides my old credit report print-offs? How do I go about getting the Date of First Delinquency from the Credit Bureau, the Original Creditor (Verizon), and this terrible excuse for a collection agency: Jefferson Capital Systems? Basically, how do I show a judge I caught them red-handed? Thanks, Nick
  2. I'm attempting to clean up my debt rather than declare Bk, and I recently pulled my credit report and found an that a CA is reporting an old debt as current almost monthly. The date of my last payment was in 1/2010. The debt originated at a sporting goods store in Montana where I applied for a credit card. I was in Montana on a temporary work assignment, but lived in Arizona. I have since moved to North Carolina. The SOL in each state is as follows: Arizona (Where I lived at the time I got the card): 6 years (Changed in 2011), but was 3 when I entered into the contract (2009), as well as when I made my last payment and the debt became delinquent (2010). Montana (Where I opened the card): 5 years North Carolina (Where I currently live): 3 years Nebraska (Location of the original Creditor): 4 years What should I do about the continued reporting as current by this CA, (I looked but couldn't locate a letter to send)? Which state holds the SOL? If it is Arizona, did the new statute automatically supersede the prior and now make the SOL 6 years on my debt? Should I send a validation letter? Thanks in advance!
  3. I am soooo frustrated with this whole situation and desperately need help!!! I am trying to buy a house and they pulled my credit report and a collection came up that I never knew about. Yes, I did do business with this company, but I left on good terms with zero balances. The creditor is the Housing Authority in Colorado Springs. I had lost my job in 2005 and applied and received housing. I paid a discounted rent until I could finish college and find employment. In 2008 I accepted a job in Denver so I wrote them a letter saying thank you for helping me and I no longer need assistance because I found a great job and I am transferring to Denver. I moved out of the apartment I was in, received my security deposit back even, and everything was settled with housing and I had a zero balance. Now, 7 years and 8 months later, I find a mark on my credit report saying I owe $9,255!! Ouch! And of course I can't move forward with my house purchase with this on there. So I of course start with the creditor. They send me a letter dated June 4th 2008 saying I became delinquent in March 2007 and I owe $653 from 3/2007 to 5/2008. I asked them why and they said because I didn't report income to them and was working at the job I left to Denver for. They have a job offer letter saying I worked there from March 2007 but I started that job in June 2008 which is why I left. They completely have the wrong dates. I sent them my income taxes from 2007 and 2008 showing exactly when I started working at that job and they are just playing dumb because they know I want this deleted from my credit report ASAP and I'm gonna lose this house because of this. So I sent a dispute letter to transunion with all the evidence on October 28th. I sent it certified return receip requested. They received it on November 4th. On November 5th they updated my credit report as "verified, no change"!!! I just got the letter today and called them. They told me that they didn't look at the evidence that I sent in because it's not up to them and they just report what the collector says. They re disputed it for me today but I'm pretty sure the collector is going to update it again tomorrow saying it's accurate. I asked Transunion about the 7 year reporting and they said yes, they can only report it 7 years from the date of delinquency. So I asked the guy why he didn't look at the statement I sent to them showing the date of delinquency as March 2007 and again he says it's not up to him to look at my evidence and its up to the collector. Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! So I call back the collector and they say that the money is still owed to them so they can report it as long as they wish until they get paid. I reported both the collector and Transunion to the CFPB today. I am pissed!! What do I do? Any advice? I need this removed from my credit report like yesterday so I can get this house!
  4. Im very curious on how to handle collections on this random account. Do i dispute it? Do I look into it? Does it even matter? Is it even mine? Could it be zombie debt? Here's the deal: While digging thru some old paperwork I came across a collections letter dated back in Sept 2013. Its a "deal" letter and says nothing but basically "here's what you owe us" and "pick your payment plan option.". The amount in collections is for about $1500 but I have NO IDEA what its from or what its for. Ive recently accessed all 3 of my credit reports and it is NOT listed anywhere. Not the creditor, the amount, nor the account number, I see NOTHING on my credit report about this account. The letter was sent from First National Collection Bureau and the statement is listed like this: Creditor: JEFFERSON CAPITAL SYSTEMS Original Creditor: FIRST BANK AND TRUST Original Account #: XXXXXXXX Ref #: XXXXXXXXX Total Due: $1489.95 Im assuming its been passed around to a few collection agencies BUT I still have no idea what it is and is not on my credit report anywhere. And i dont recall any other debt other than what is listed on my credit report. Maybe some cable bills or phone bills from wayyy back but i'll never see those again. The only charged off credit card accounts that I have on my report are far lower amounts than that and the only other collections account that even gets close to that number is something that is listed with an entirely different collection agency. (old gym membership, out of SOL. forgot about that whole 2 year contract thing when i cancelled and went to a different gym.) Anyway, I havent received any mail regarding that account since then. However this collection agency First National Collection Bureau does have another charge off account of mine. (Something for far less amount with an expired SOL so they may get a FOAD letter for that one sometime soon if they keep sending me stuff about it.) So on this $1500 collections account, does it even matter if its NOT on my credit report? Do I need to look into it? Should I dispute it? Should I just let it sit? I literally have no idea what it could be and I see nothing on my CR. I mean, I dont plan on stirring the pot unless they send me something else but this CA has another account of mine so maybe they mixed up? who knows. Or could it be zombie debt that has just been passed around so long and built up so much interest and fees that its so far inflated from the original amount? Since its not on any of my credit reports should I just send them a FOAD letter? Thanks in advance for any helpful tips or info. These forums are a wealth of knowledge.
  5. Alleged debt info: Crap1 cc DOLA either 2000 or 2001 OOS for both Texas and Louisiana and also time-barred for CRA reporting Initial communication: Mistakenly answer call from JDB. After finding out it was this particular (alleged) debt I told the rep that it was too old to place on credit report, that is was SOL, and that she called me on a cell phone and was not to call the number again. I also said since this was the initial communication that I would be expecting a dunning letter within 5 days and hung up. (Note- It's been years since dealing with these types as I've kept my nose clean for 7 years and been a model little debtor. I understand that this is a he said/she said scenario. It's not about what you know, it's about what you can prove. Under normal circumstances I would never have given all that info but I'm a little rusty and was caught off-guard.) The next day... Receive a voicemail on my cell from JDB. The weird human/robo-call combo transcription is as follows: <robot voice> ShinerBock (insert real name here) <human voice> I am contacting you from the process and summons division. I am calling to notify you that there will be 2 charges filed against you in your county. Looks like fraudulent activity has been attached to your name and social security number. <robot voice> ShinerBock (insert real name here) <human voice> I do need to make you aware of your legal rights to address your charges prior to them being filed against you. You will need to do so before you receive your summons at your place of employment or home address. Once you're served, your rights will be forfeited. Your case number is... <robot voice> XXXXXXXX <human voice> Their telephone number is... <robot voice> (XXX) XXX-XXXX (this number is the same one they called from when leaving this voicemail ) <human voice> You will need to speak to someone in their legal department. ***End of message*** Normally I would just fire off a C&D and tell them to FOAD but two hours later I get an alert from equifax. These <insert ugly words here> did a hard pull and dropped my beautiful and hard won credit score below 700! SO... 1) Is this a TCPA violation? Is this message threatening action that cannot be taken thus being a violation of the FDCPA as well? The OC was never given permission to contact my cell because when I became deliquent I had never owned a cell at that point! Also, I want to make VERY SURE that the threat is in no way ambiguous for us "least informed consumer" types. 2) Did they have PP to HP my CR? I know this area is a bit murky as they most certainly DO have PP as a CA but from my POV since the debt isn't valid they do not. Any new case law to back up my assumptions? 3) Where do I go from here? It's not enough to send a C&D. They invoked my wrath when they did a HP. A single action of $1000 will not be enough. I am in a one party state and I own sufficient recording devices. If you were me, how would you go about inflicting as much monetary damage as is legal and ethical in this situation? Any and all forms of advice are encouraged. Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. Shiner
  6. Guest

    Advice needed on Old Debt

    First off thanks for reading my post. Like many of us have experienced 2008 was a HORRIBLE year. Lost my decent paying job down to nothing for a while then making half of what I was before. Did what many people did and that was max out my credit cards, tried to keep up with the minimums for a little while then couldnt afford that. Went into collections and then I stuck my head in the sand, I pulled my head out once with debt consolidation for a few months in 2009 and couldn't afford that either. I have had my head in the sand ever since because none of the collection agencies were willing to accept what I could afford to pay them. I pulled my credit report since I got declined from a job almost immediately after my background interview. Then I found this web site. I noticed on my report that all of my credit card debt lists "charge off" and appears under something else with a collection agency. I am assuming that means it was sold to a junk debt buyer. An example of what is on my report. Original Creditor: Capital One Payment Status: Charge Off Account Type: Credit Card Credit Limit: 500.00 Date Open:6/1/2008 Last update: 8/1/2009 New Creditor: Portfolio Recovery & Affiliates Payment Status: seriously past due date/ assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantors internal collection department Account type: collection account Balance $1284 Date open: 02/01/2013 Last Update: 05/01/2013 So I know the statute of limitations on revolving debt in Idaho is 4 years. I believe this one can easily be fought since I quit paying on that prior to 8/1/2009. One of my main questions is can I still do the validation process after the 30 day period as stated in the law? I have a few other things on my report that are just as similar to this example. any advice would be great!
  7. I have wated a while,but now the old debt from my past has dropped from my CR; however, the CA's continue to call. Some of this debt is more than 15 years old and has probably morphed into something that looks nothing like the original. How do I get these guys to stop calling?
  8. I have a CA attenpting to collect on a Zombie Debt, they are in CA and I am in TX. They are also not bonded and registered with our Secretary of State. They have refused to provide me with any kind of documentation, bills, verification of any kind. The last time I requested this was 10/17, on 11/23 i contacted them and informed them that I had not received any of the requested proof that I owe the debt, to which the young man said,"Well, we just barely got it yesterday, I'll send it today. I had been disputing this since September, each time it came back as verified and updated- there is no way it could have been verified because they had no docs. I notified the CA's of this, I also complained to the CA Attorney General's Office about them- Today I received a copy of their response which says that A: they are not required to comply with Texas requirements as they are in Ca. and collecting on a Ca. resident- I AM NOT a Ca. resident B: they sent me validation of the debt by sending me itemized statement on November 20- as of today 12/04 I have still received nothing from them C: they quote the FCRA, that the debt shall remain for 7 years where do I go from here ? I have not reported thwem to my Secretary of State YET- I may want to sue them- what next ?
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