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Did you include the debts in your bankruptcy petition? If you did and you received a final discharge then the accounts should state discharged in bankruptcy on your credit report. Keep in mind creditors are incredibly lazy about this stuff. I cannot tell you how many returned letters I get from creditors who were mailed a notice from the bankruptcy court. Creditors even the big guys change their notification addresses like the wind in order to confuse the issue as to whether they were ever notified. The other thing to keep in mind is that American debt is being sold around the world at an incredible rate. When you did your bankruptcy you may have thought the debt was owed to MBNA when it was owed by some weird offshore LLC.

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Bankruptcy in Utah

Any attorney that has to stoop to advertising here can't be all that good....

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Bankruptcy is a process in which consumers and businesses can eliminate or repay some or all of their debts under the protection of the federal bankruptcy court. For the most part, bankruptcies can be divided into two types -- liquidation and reorganization.

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hello everyone..!

Bankruptcy is one way of dealing with debts you can’t pay. Your assets can be used to pay your creditors (people you owe money to). You are subject to certain restrictions and discharged (freed) from your debts after a period of time.

When you are made bankrupt, your assets (possessions, home, income etc) can be used to pay your debts. You have to agree to certain restrictions and your financial affairs will be investigated. Find out how bankruptcy affects you and where to get advice on dealing with your debts.

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Thanks for sharing the links. 

These two posts can also be helpful, as they explain in details bankruptcy procedures, differences between Ch. 7 and Ch. 13, and what to do after you file a bankruptcy.







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