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Yipeeeeeee!!!!! Approved for the Corvette Card

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Well, yesterday pulled PG and my EQ had updated my cc's to show very low utilization (less than 15% overall). My PG score went from 595 to 625 so I decided to pull a new EQ w/FICO. Well, I was shocked to see my EQ FICO was 694. When I had checked it just over 30 days ago (89% utilization) and my score was 588. The only other change on my report other than utilization is that a closed cc tl that had 1 30 day & 1 60 day late reported had been removed completely.

Well, I decided to take the plunge and apply for the Corvette card first and got instant approval for $3000. Tried for GM card next & was denied. Then went for UP and got the 10-14 day notice so we'll see. It really doesn't matter if I get the UP or not. I was so excited for instant approval on the Corvette that I decided to try the other 2 since it would only show 1 inq. I didn't really want or need the others. I added DH as an au so hopefully that will help his scores.

Thanks again everyone for all of your suggestions & advice...that's what got me where I am right now. Without the help of this board I wouldn't have been approved for this card!!!!!


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