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A couple of months ago you recommended some links to me about people who had experience taking CA'S to court on FDCPA violation. most of them were on failure to "put on dispute" TL disputed via DV'S. The links(not trying to promote them, but SWEDE said it was ok) where on CREDITNET.

Can you repost them.

Thanks in advanced.

.. I got some books on taking people to court. It's not as bad as I thought.

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Here are the links I previously posted:

Validation Letter to OC


Lawsuit Against OC


Estoppel Against OC




I have found better references since, but I am posting this per your request. I am not posting the other links here becasue I don't know how relevant they would be. What state do you live in and what type of debt/tradeline are you working on?

Here is an additional link you may be interested in reading.

Grendel's One-Two Punchout


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