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Thanks sweety! Believe it or not I put that dismissal letter from the courts in my safe right next to my marriage cert and all our birth cert! *L* as far as I'm concerned that dismissal is just as important right now! I'll make a copy and send it out and see how long it takes. Plus keep up on DH's report so it doesn't hit there too! you're the best! thanks!

LOL, yea can imagine - Did your judgments hit all 3 CRAs?

You may be able to speed up the dispute process by faxing:

TransUnion: 610-546-4606

Equifax: 281-878-1974

I am not so sure on faxes for Experian...

972-390-3809 Working

972-390-3838 Working

Try one of these two I know the first one is a fax... I just have not had anyone my direction veriy - but the group here have posted and used theses two.

Have a great morning Dark... I am just thankful that I made it to another Friday. LOL :-)

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well folks. I thought I'd update this. 6 months later and we're still working on all this but making big progress.

out of the six creditors we originally started with: 3 are totally gone. and the other 3 are being paid on time every month. the balances are dropping and our credit scores are going up. (matter of fact we actually recieved a offer for a unsecured loan in the mail the other day and just for giggles I applied so I could either get the denial and use it for a credit pull or find out if we were eligable.) we actually got approved. *grin* we didn't take the loan but it does tell me my position is improving! thanks to everyone involved! *group hugs*

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