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MBNA cleanup a few questions


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I filed chapter 7 Bankruptcy...I am doing extremely well with respect to cleaning up my credit reports....

However I have a problem getting my MBNA balance cleared up and showing as chapter 7 on my credit report.

This is why....I did my own bankruptcy and specified a given account number....

The account number I specified is actually an old account which I closed to prevent my ex-wife from using.

I forgot to specify the new account number on my list of creditors for my bankruptcy instead specifying the old....

I tried to dispute this online (even the debt amount is the same @ 17k)

The credit agencies keep reporting the debt as verified even though I indicate that it is the same debt....

How could I proceed to clean this last hassle of my report up...

I also noticed that MBNA changed the account from charged off as bad debt to "paid chargeoff" That is quite funny, because I never paid them a dime after my bankruptcy. However, it still shows 1 time 30 days late 1 time 60 days late 3 days 90 days late

Could I find out what all that is about?

Is the paid chargeoff better than included in bankrupty?

Should I change my angle and try to cleanup the late info instead?

Or would trying to include the debt in bankruptcy serve me better?


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oh my Goddddd that is good...........


My only concern is that if the CRA gets their hands on the list of creditors they will start changing up my report and adding accounts that were actually in bankruptcy which i succesfully removed...

I dont want to give them ammo....

Wouldn't I potentially be screwing myself?


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I thought the same thing as you did. Hmm, they will take all these accounts and add them back in. So, I blacked out all but what they needed to see with a magic marker. Then I highlighted in yellow what they did need to see. I only sent copies of the pages of the schedule that they needed also, not all 20 pages!!!!!

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wow I was thinking the same thing...but thank you soooo much for confirming it!!!

I have one last question for yourself or anyone who cares to contribute

See the account that I discharged in Bankruptcy Chapter 7 (did this myself) was actually the wrong account from MBNA.

Here is what happened:

I had an account with MBNA 2 years ago.

Lets call it account 1234

My ex wife was an authorized user on the account....

I told them that I wanted to remove my ex wife from the account....

they said better yet lets come up with a totally new account number so it is secure....

they came up with account number 5678

They closed account number 1234

When I did my discharge myself I accidently specified account number 1234 on my list of creditors.

The account balance on 5678 is identical to account 1234, however it is not the same account number at all.

I tried to explain this to the CRA(s) in the small area alloted by the online form...but equifax confirmed the debt as not included in Bankruptcy. I have yet to see what experian or transunion will do.

MBNA seems to be using this premise to wreck my report.

Do I have a chance in rectifying this scar on my report?


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Oh, the CRAs have the policy of not adding information contributed by consumers; if proof is provided (it should only be solely used for the tradelines being disputed) so I really don't think you have too much to worry on that part.

Would be more concerned about updating the bankruptcy to include the correct account number for sure though!

How old is this debt (what is the SOL on it) can the creditor legally collect? Cause technically it did not get included in the bankruptcy (if they realize this they might try to use against you).

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