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Validation Response from Encore

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I sent DV request to Encore who is collecting for Sprint PCS, I received a response back asking me to complete an attached form providing documentation to them.

Fraud Packet

Statement of Dispute

Customer Information

Customer name on Sprint PCS Account:

Account #

Wireless phone#

Address of Customer:

Nature of Disputed Charges:


Date of invoice in dispute:

Brief explanation of nature of disputed charges and or account:

Customer Statement:

Customer states that he/she did not commit any collusion, fraud, deceit and did not authorize any other person to make any calls from the phone:

That he/she had no prior knolwedge of the use of his/her name or credit history being used in reference to obtaining he account number and PCS phone number listed above with Sprint PCS:

Customer authorized Sprint PCS to release the usage and billing records from this account:

Customer agrees to testify and assist the appropriate authorities with any civil or criminal prosecution against the party or parties responsible for unauthorized use of this phone:

By executing below, Customer warrants the above answers are true and correct and that customer voluntalriy made this statement:

Customer Signature___________________

has anyone received a response like this and can you suggest how I should respond to this?


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I did send this letter days after Niner's suggestion and they have failed to respond to it.

On the 25th, I sent the CRA, I think they are reporting to TU for Sprint PCS. I sent the sample letter from the link above. I am waiting for CRA to respond.

Thanks for the bump!

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