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Results of your investigation (HAHA)

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Sent letter to EQ told them 3 of my accounts should show a 0 balance. 9 days later they sent their results :

acc. # 1. Has been updated to show included in BK

acc. # 2. The creditor has verified to EQ that the balance is being reported correctly. acc. # 3. There was no mention of it.

It goes on to say that EQ contacted each source directly and our investigation is now completed.

On the updated CR they sent it says that acc. # 3 is ( consumer disputes-

reinvestigation in process ).

How can they say the investigation is completed when it is not ?

How could they verify that there is a balance on this account ?

It was included in my BK last year.

What should I do next ???????

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I would prob call them up and see what I could get done that way. If not success then I would send a new letter saying they had 30 days now delete it. If it were exp, they send results and it will say right on there that some items are still pending. Make sure you read it and it don't say that someplace.

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