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CRA - Questions on updating Credit Report

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I'm currently trying to purchase a house so, recently I went through and settled about 18 Collection accounts. To date the collection agencies have not updated my Credit Report and I was looking at disputing the information. When disputing the incorrect entries, should I try to have them deleted or do I just request the status be updated and the account closed. (These are all of the accts the mortgage co wanted me to clean up prior to financing)

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Question: Does your mortgage company want to see your report updated or will they just accept copies of the recipts showing paid.

How fast are you trying to move here, is there a closing date already set?

If you need to rush this matter, then at this point you would want to send the recipts (recommend by fax) also tell the CRA in a letter that you have a mortgage loan pending and what the closing date is; that you request them to rush processing on this matter. And that you want this mortgage company to be updated as soon as the changes are made.

If you have a few months before you go again for the mortgage loan, then hold onto the recipts and just dispute not mine, to see if you can accomplish deletion and increase your scores that way. Then whatever is left over the 30 days prior to going back for the loan (then send the recipts for the remaining ones to be updated).

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