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Do I file suit or send procedural?


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Ok, I would appreciate any advice from you experts, I'm new to the point where I have just now started receiving no validation and would like to run this by you guys:

1. I sent a standard validation letter to a CA that they signed for on 5/12/2003.

2. I disputed with CRAs after they signed for the validation letter

3. They verified with CRAs on 6/17/2003.

4. I send an estoppel letter to CA as they never responded to my letter from May, they sign for estoppel letter on 7/14/2003

5. I received on 7/19/2003 the following letter (summary):

"Can't locate your records, still looking for them, old account, so may have been archived. We will locate them as quickly as possible, yada...yada...We will stop collecting until we receive appropriate documentation, etc, etc.

This is an attempt...."

Ok, so they verified with CRAs before validating with me, they are still on my reports and they have now had some 70 days to validate and haven't. I don't think they are licensed here in Minnesota (I moved from Chicago before when they probably bought the account). I'm going to check on Monday to see if that's the case.

What are my next steps?

Do I send the letter and a procedural to the CRAs?

Do I dispute again with the CRAs to see if they verify, yet again?

Do I file and try to get this resolved more quickly?

Any advice, as always, is greatly appreciated.

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I'm not an expert but this is what I would just a suggestion.

First of all from all the reading I've done, they don't have a time limit to respond, but DocDon ( actually you might want to PM him this link, he WILL know what to do) and I had a discussion yesterday regarding the situation where a CA will not respond to a DV request. Basically, in the letter that you recived from the CA they are admitting that the information is unverifiable WHICH IS GROUNDS for the CRA to remove the information.

So, I would send a letter to CRA and at the same time CALL the CRA and FAX them the same letter stating that thier CLIENT the CA has admitted that the data in unverifiable and you are requesting it be removed. You can try to ask for immediatly or in 30 days.

Also at the same time you write a letter to the CA stating that they have had more than enough time to verify and validate your bill and that if they can't verify it in 15 days you are going to file a law suit for violations of the FCRA and FDCPA: Reporting inaccurate and unverifiable information

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