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Declined for the Target Card- Ugh!!!!


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A lot of people have been successful getting this card and their numbers were not too far from mine. But I do realize that everyone has different credit and circumstances. Here are reasons for my denial:

*Your credit bureau report indicates major past or present delinquencies and/ or public records.

*Your credit bureau report indicates a high ratio of debt to available credit

*Your credit bureau report lists too few bank revolving accounts.

We made a second evaluation using a different method. Unfortunately it confirmed our first evaluation.

*Serious delinquency

*Amount owed on delinquent accounts

*Too few accounts currently paid as agreed

Equifax Information Services

At the time I requested credit my score was 592 within a week it dropped to 538 due to disputes that I have ordered. How can I get more revolving accounts. I already have two credit cards and one jewelry store account.

Anyone want to help!! :oops::cry:

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I am so sorry to hear that.

You have to focus on EQUIFAX.

How many collections do you have???? Those are the ones you have to go after first. DV letters and keep disputing: DOLA, Amount, high cred

Work on the inquiries.

And send letter through planet feed back.

In the mean time you have to keep paying on time. You need at least 6 on time payments, all or most of your collections off.

For your case you also need to reduce your debt ratio to under 25%.

Basically you don't want to start applying until your scores are around 630, low debt ratio, been paying on time and dispute all negs. on EQUIFAX. That should be your goal.

Good luck it sounds like you are 45 -60 days away from that stick around I think you will make it.

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Thanks for your reply. Right now EQUIFAX is my better report. It just needs more cleaning. There are 4 items on dispute right now. Do student loans in deferrment count as your debt ratio or is it the bills in collections?

Sorry, don't know much about that dept. Start a post.

But all I can say is I read good things about EQUIFAX and GM , CORVETTE, UP every day. Put your self on a 45 -60 day plan. When your equifax is right, go to www.household.com.

In the mean time start disputing those inquiries on your equifax.

Personally, I think I see a big success story in the making!!!! :D:D:D

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Don't get discourged!!! My EQUIFAX fico went from 606 to 535 in 3 days. But, I stuck to my long term plan, remove CA'S, remove disputes, keep paying on time, keep ratio's low, and don't let CSR'S push you around or control you(that is how my credit got messed up the first place). Today my equifax fico is at about 675 maybe even higher. You keep at it and on month that fico is going to go up like an oil gusher. Believe me you have come to right place.

I have no negs on my EQUIFIX: The secret to my success keep disputing something different every month and send DV'S to CA'S with a faxing.

We started a thread that discusses all the things you can dispute. I think it is on the old board. I would read it. Knowing that you can dispute any tradeline at anytime releases a lot of presure, then you consentrate on FDCPA violations and DV letters.

Study the ONE-TWO PUNCH and throw faxing and keep disputing. I was at a handycap for 2 1/2 month because I couldn't get home phone service since a CA had my phone hostage. I just got phone service 4 days ago. But there were a couple of times I had to go into my friends office to use his fax to save my report from getting negitaves put on it. If I had a fax 60 days ago I would be a lot higher.

Anyhow, I hope that motivates you!!! :D:D:D

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