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Home Depot scores???


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Hi LIzzy... How are things??? Great to hear from you too. I got approved for $300. I have no clue who they pulled but I almost crapped my self. I hope it was TU. Anyway $300 will grow now that I pay on time and have learned my lesson! Thanks to the board I have learned alot of my errors. Thanks to all again! I'll never stop thanking evryone for the help.



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They pulled EQ on me. I almost fell off my chair when I seen an $850.00 limit. Those cards are a must when you own a home. We just used ours to put new gutters on the porch my husband built. I hated to use it, but I had to show I can have it and pay. Did you move into your new home yet? Liz

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I am bumping to tell the details for Home Depot :lol:


a) EQ pulled(PA)

B) 608 score( true Fico )

c) I do have 1 late from an auto TL in dispute. It didn't make my score jump/1 C/O in dispute for utility 120+ late and 1 auto TL 3odays5X.

d) I do have a judgement for 4600 on my EQ that I am ironing out now. It's there though.

e) 3 C/O's from a while ago

f) I have5 positive Revolving TL's never late starting from 7 mos. ago

g) I have 1 TL for 3 mos. never late.

So there's hope!

I hope this helps someone....

EDubb007 8)

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