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Car Repo and Summons

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OK I wanna try and make this quick

I had a car repod in April (April 24 to be exact) the payment was due on April 12. It was an every other week payment.. I was ONE payment behind.

The car is repod sent to auction.. I get a certified letter on the auction date.

Now heres the weird part. Ex husband was on the loan.. his address was the address on all the contracts. I called the car lot and told them I moved and gave them my new number.

He was NEVER CONTACTED about anything on the account until he was served with court papers and his summons. Isnt that illegal?

Wouldnt he have to be notified of all that as well?

Anyway.. the collection agency listed does NOT say Assignee of XX Car lot.. or anything so I dont know if they purchased the debt or what.

THe lawyers say they are representing the collection agency and not the car lot so I dont know what to think

indiana gives you 20 days to respond to summons.. FDCPA affords you 30 for validation.. I am going to wait til day 15 to file and mail CMRR to lawyers and CA. Also getting a letter ready for EX hubby to send as well.

What do you guys think of this course of action. I am kinda hoping if I wait til around 17 days to get it all filed.. the schedule a court date before the 30 days provided me by FDCPA and I can catch them and counter sue.

I know at some point I am going to have to pay this off ((NEVER BUY FORM A LOCAL BUY HERE PAY HERE!!!!!))

But I want every one of their T's crossed and I's dotted.. if ya catch my meaning.

ANY advice is welcome and appreciated!!!

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