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Eq 30 days is up..need help!


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I started investigation with EQ on 6/17. I has pretty good success: 1 UNPAID Judgement from 2000, GONE, 2 unpaid collections, GONE, 4/7 NEGS are GONE! So I am happy about that. Problem is, their 30 was up on the 17th (even thought my contact there said they completed the investigation on the 15th). I just spoke to her and she told me that they sent the results to my PREVIOUS address. I have corrected these addresses and they now reflect the correct address. What, if anything, can I do? Can I hold them responsible for not having the correct information and hold them to 30 + 5day rule and ask for a deletion of the rest of the info they say they "verified"?

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Since they did in fact complete the verification process and did send the findings to the address on file (even though it was the wrong one), they have satisfied their duties. There is nothing in the FCRA that indicates they have to guarantee delivery of their results to you unless you specify how you wish disclosure to be sent.

§ 610. Conditions and form of disclosure to consumers [15 U.S.C. § 1681h]

(a) In general.

(1) Proper identification. A consumer reporting agency shall require, as a condition of making the disclosures required under section 609 [§ 1681g], that the consumer furnish proper identification.

(2) Disclosure in writing. Except as provided in subsection (B), the disclosures required to be made under section 609 [§ 1681g] shall be provided under that section in writing.

(B) Other forms of disclosure.

(1) In general. If authorized by a consumer, a consumer reporting agency may make the disclosures required under 609 [§ 1681g]

(A) other than in writing; and

(B) in such form as may be

(i) specified by the consumer in accordance with paragraph (2); and

(ii) available from the agency.

(2) Form. A consumer may specify pursuant to paragraph (1) that disclosures under section 609 [§ 1681g] shall be made

(A) in person, upon the appearance of the consumer at the place of business of the consumer reporting agency where disclosures are regularly provided, during normal business hours, and on reasonable notice;

(B) by telephone, if the consumer has made a written request for disclosure by telephone;

© by electronic means, if available from the agency; or

(D) by any other reasonable means that is available from the agency.

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