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I just got my EQ and EX files. Looking at them I have no idea what is so bad that I cannot get a credit card.

On my EQ:

Collection Balance DOLA Client

$70 09/02 City of XXXXX(probably refuse)

$60 11/96 City of XXXXX(Again a utility)

$205 11/00 ComEd

$0 08/99 NS Sanitary


credit card closed with a zero balance and reported paid as agreed DOLA 05/01

A loan paid DOLA 02/96 paid as agreed

my current gas bill with a current balance and paid as agreed.

So what am I missing? Is this really so bad that I cannot get a credit card? Should I just pay the few collections and clear them away? I do not currently have any credit cards or loans so it may be more that I have no credit than bad credit but not having a credit card is very hard int he internet world.

Can a DV dispute letter really work with utilities? It would seem that it is either mine or it is not based on my address at the time so will a lack of signed contract really mean anything?



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What is your FICO score? What card did you try to get? From the looks of it, the problem is you have more bad than good, you have no open credit that is reporting to your reports. It could be a number of things really. Did you try for target? Did you try for Household bank? There are a few that should give you a card.

You can send a dv letter to collection agency or verification letter to oc's.

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I have been rejected from MNBA, Orchard(Household), and Elan(which is weird because this is aligned with my bank and they had given my new business a $5,000 card which I do not need anymore since I closed the business. The card was in good standing and now is at $0) Additionally I have a credit line with my bank which is also in good standing.

Will a debit card help my credit?

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No the debit card won't help your credit at all. You can use a debit master card as a regular master card to order your reports from myfico though.

MBNA is not a bank that will give out cards to bad credit customers. Orchard I am surprised you didn't get, but there must be something more your not seeing on your reports. PLUS orchard pulls experian, whats on that report? You might also have a lot of inquiries which will hold your fico down. Target you need about 580-590 and union plus you need about 620 fico.

What you can try is this, dispute all the bad accounts on your EQU report, give, wait till you see they are all marked indispute, it should raise your score temp while indispute. Then go apply for a target charge and the union plus card.

You should read up on the sticky under credit repair called credit repair 101, it has all the info you need to get started and there is a link at the bottom on rebuilding your credit.

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