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Need to settle quick


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Hi everyone.., sure have missed all of you. It seems my life continues to be full of suprises and adventure...., However, I am happy to see everyone's continual success.

I too am happy to say that last month, with the help from this forum, i was able to successfully dispute approx $133,000.

But now I need to clean up house a little quicker then expected due to my car being totaled in a 7 car pile up with 2, 18 wheelers. Hay its not so bad..., it saved me a trip to the Extreme show. But seriously the car that was totalled had me paying out a lot on interest and I dont want to make the same mistake this time around. And insurance.., ugh thats another story. I need to act quick, clean up this credit report as the rental car is getting expensive.

I have approx. 10-15 CA's trying to collect on 2+ year old medical bills. (SOL does not apply to any of the collections or OC) The question; should i approach the OC or the CA with a settlement offer? I am anticipating i should make first contact with the OC. By going this route how should i approach the CA's who are reporting on my CR so i can be assured they will not continue to try and collect and/or report? Any suggestions or specific guidelines I should follow..., And is negotiating a settlement the quickest way out?

Thanks you guys.


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