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Applied for a target visa and got denied... i did it online and got the we'll send you a letter speech... so i called target visa and they said it was declined and i should expect the letter explaining why... hmmmm maybe because i just opened a target guest card last month. and have a ch 7 on file... we'll see...

TU 700

EXP 605

EQ 625

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I applied for Target guest card a few weeks back and was approved. After checking my FICO score I decided to apply for the Target Visa and was approved for that about 1 1/2 weeks later, so I know that you can get both. I thought that I had read somewhere that they were not bk friendly. I would try to get that removed from your report and then reapply. Approximately 3 months ago I was denied for the Target guest card (can't remember the reason) and after getting 2 negative tl's removed from my report I now have both cards. You could always try a reconsideration letter once you have the reason for denial in hand.

Good luck!


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