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Sent DV letter and Now Receiving CA calls!!

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The accounts have not been collected on for 4 1/2 years and they are calling me leaving jerky messages.

They Collector says he's from JCC and thats not who I sent a letter to??

Did the CA sale the account when they got an address that we could be collected at??

Both of the accounts I sent letters on where charged off about a 2 years ago. I fill that I have awoken a rabid dog when I really did not need to. Should I call these fools back?

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Think they can pick which states rules they want to go by in this case,

Texas 4 years and Michigan 6 years, yes you have awoken them on this matter.

You have two choices:

One do nothing and see if they go away (which don't sound likely) with their re-newed efforts to get you. And the possibility of them being still in their rights to file judgment.

or two, wait 30 days from having sent them the 1st DV Letter, see if they reply, if not re-send 2nd DV Letter letting them know they have 15 days to respond.

They should update the credit reporting agency to reflect the account in dispute (if not that is a violation which can be used later if taken to court against them).

You can also include a limited cease and desist letter, telling them they are not allowed to call you are anyone else on this matter - that all communication you want in writing. This way you don't make a mistake by answering the phone at the wrong time. If they do call after this, then make note of when the received the C&D letter and what when they called your home, again this can be used later against them should need be.

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They have only called a few times. One did send me a letter back but did not provide any validation. I have a post reguarding this in:

"Beginning Debt Validation"

Subject: I got a return letter. Now What!

I should have just road this out until the SOL was up. It's my wifes credit that I'm trying to get repaired. I have a Credit score of 785 so I should have no problem getting prequalified for a mortgage by myself. She's going back to school this Fall full time anyway.

Thanks for your advice! I can always use more if you have some

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