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DEBT "assigned", disclousure: Experts please


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On the top debt validation board I read that is says unless your bill/contract specifically says that a bill/contract can be assigned you can request that the CA remove the bill from your CR. ... because you have no obligation with the CA!!!(..just want to mention that for the new members)

I have been looking at some of my UTILITY BILLS and cell phone bills, All I can see is "We may also take other action to collect unpaid bills". Is that enough to ASSIGN a bill???? Nothing on the GAS bill.

What's up with that?????? :?::?::?:

... I'm sure there are a lot of members with phone bills on their CR's that want to get to bottom of that one!!!! :shock::shock::shock:

... I could have posted this in the COLLECTIONS area, but If we can nail down the wording for ASSIGNED obligations some of the new members can start trying this to get these debts off!!!

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